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Notice Regarding Montclair State University’s Responsible Use of Computing Policy

All University-issued devices, computer systems, and/or networks are not private
and are intended to be used solely for University-related purposes. To be clear,
University computing resources should not be used to access pornographic
websites or any other inappropriate content. We have been alerted by the endpoint
protection software installed on all IT-managed secure Windows and macOS
machines that members of the Montclair State University community are using their
University-issued devices to access websites with adult content, such as
pornography. Accessing these types of websites and content exposes University-
issued devices and the University’s systems to malware and other viruses, and
poses a security risk to the University’s computing infrastructure, resources and
While the University does not routinely monitor individual usage or restrict access to
web content, the endpoint protection software, which protects against malware and
other viruses, logs and alerts the University to activities associated with known high-
risk content categories, such as pornographic websites. Additionally, normal
operation and maintenance of University-issued devices require the backup and/or
caching of data and communications, the logging of activity, the monitoring of
general usage patterns, and similar activities for the service. The University may
also specifically monitor the activity and accounts of individual users, including
individual login sessions and communications, without notice and at its discretion,

  • the user has voluntarily made communications accessible to the public, by
    posting to a webpage;
  • the University requires access to information regarding the individual’s use
    of the computing resource;
  • it reasonably appears necessary to do so to protect the integrity, security
    or functionality of the University or other computing resources or to protect the
    University from liability;
  • there is reasonable cause to believe that the user has violated, or is
    violating University policies or local, federal or state law;
  • an account appears to be engaged in unusual or excessive activity, as
    indicated by the monitoring of general activity and usage patterns; or
  • it is otherwise required or permitted by law.

Please remember that all members of the Montclair State University community

    • comply with all local, federal, and state laws;
    • adhere to all University rules and policies;
    • use the computing resources in the manner and to the extent authorized;


  • refrain from using computing resources for personal purposes.

To the extent that inappropriate and unlawful content is accessed on a University-
issued device, computer system and/or network, the University will fulfill its legal
obligations to review, verify and report all violations of law to the appropriate
authorities. Such reporting may result in notifications to enforcement agencies such
as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and may result in criminal
investigation by local, federal, state and University law enforcement.
On an annual basis, each member of the Montclair State University community with
access to the University’s devices, computer systems and/or networks have had an
opportunity to read and proactively affirm acceptance of the University’s
Responsible Use of Computing Policy. Likewise, each member of the Montclair
State University community upon receipt of a University NetID had an opportunity to
read and proactively affirm acceptance of the Network Access and Usage Policy.
Each person is responsible for complying with these policies. University employees
found to be in violation of the prescribed policies may be subject to disciplinary
action up to and including dismissal.

If you have any questions or concerns about the aforementioned policies, please
contact the University’s IT Security at sec-official@montclair.edu. To report incidents
of inappropriate use of computing resources, please contact the Division of Human
Resources at hr@montclair.edu or (973) 655-5293. To report incidents of unlawful
activity involving computing resources, please contact the University Police
Department at msupolice@montclair.edu or (973) 655-5222.