Telecom: Voicemail Delivery to Email

Voicemail Delivery to Email

Activating this feature forwards a copy of new incoming voicemail messages to your University email inbox as an audio file attachment. You can listen to, forward, or delete voicemail messages from your email.  Voicemail messages that are deleted from your email inbox are also automatically deleted from your phone voicemail box. 

Requests for the voicemail to email feature can be made by filling out the online form and selecting ‘Opt In For Voicemail Delivery via Email’. You will still be able to access your traditional voicemail by pressing the envelope button on your desk phone, dialing extension 5323 from your desk phone, or by calling (973) 655-5323 from off campus even if you enable this feature.

If you would like to remove this feature, please send an email to, with the subject ‘Voicemail Forward Removal’, and the feature will be disabled within 3 business days.