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Executive Steering Committee

Workday 2020 Executive Steering Committee

  • Executive Director, Budget and Planning – David Josephson
  • Provost and VP Academic Affairs – Willard Gingerich
  • VP Facilities – Shawn Connolly
  • Vice Provost Research and Dean of Graduate School – Scott Herness
  • CFO/VP Finance – Jon Rosenhein
  • VP Human Resources – David Vernon
  • CIO/VP Information Technology – Candy Fleming
  • Executive Director of Budget and Planning – David Josephson
  • Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics – Lora Billings

Executive Steering Committee Responsibilities

  • Resolves financial and resource issues
  • Sets direction and defines project goals
  • Approves and accepts all project-related content and deliverables
  • Provides feedback to the Project Manager and Implementation Team
  • Accepts/rejects all project change requests
  • Participates in the development of risk management strategies