Positions Combining Italian and Spanish in U.S. Universities and High Schools


The in-progress lists below were created in connection to the NEH project titled Memoria Presente: The Common Spanish Legacy in Italian and Latin American Cultures. They are aimed at creating awareness about the the changing landscape of Italian teaching, where bi-lingualism (Italian/Spanish, or Italian and another Romance language) is a fundamental component for teachers, and an attainable horizon for learners who can leverage the knowledge of Spanish (or another Romance language).

In increasing ways, positions in Italian require the knowledge of Spanish as well, whether for HS jobs or College positions, and whether tenure-track, visiting, adjunct, long-term or substitute. While some schools/colleges already offer courses in Italian for Spanish speakers and require bi-lingualism for this reason, others see the positions as serving two departments. In reality the dual affiliation creates the most ideal conditions to create courses of Italian for Spanish speakers. This prospect, often erroneously perceived as creating competition between languages (the trite idea that one language “steals” students from another), constitutes a really fertile ground for the promotion of multi-lingualism, i.e. the study of more than one language as integral to the curriculum, and in particular the study of similar languages in order to reach advanced levels of competence.

This advanced competence allows students to continue studying these same languages along the HS-College continuum and to identify professional opportunities that leverage this solid knowledge of multiple languages and cultures acquired over the years across education systems (naturally, as part of an organic trajectory, students of Italian for Spanish speakers are ideal teachers of these courses in the future).

Note: These lists are in-progress. We welcome outside input. Please write to Dr. Teresa Fiore (fiorete@montclair.edu) with new or updated information.

Additionally, a listserv of current or potential teachers of courses of Italian for Spanish speakers was created in 2021, and anybody interested can contact Dr. Teresa Fiore (fiorete@montclair.edu) to be added.


  1. California State University Long Beach
  2. University of California, Santa Barbara
  3. University of California, Berkeley
  4. University of California, Irvine (see article)
  5. University of California, Riverside (see article)
  6. University of California, San Diego
  7. Long Beach City College
  8. Georgetown University
  9. Florida State University, Tallahassee
  10. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  11. Santa Clara University, California
  12. Mount Saint Mary’s University, California
  13. Mira Costa Community College, California
  14. Middlebury College, Vermont
  15. University of Wisconsin-Madison

POSITIONS ADVERTISED SINCE 2020 through the American Association of Teachers of Italian

  1. Assistant Professor of Italian and Spanish at Palomar Community College in San Marcos, California
  2. Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian and Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Southeastern Louisiana
  3. Lecturer in Italian in the Department of French and Italian at UC Santa Barbara (Knowledge of the Spanish language a plus)
  4. Italian/Spanish credentialed teacher to teach both languages at San Pedro High School, California.
  5. Teacher of Italian and Spanish, Hammonton High School, New Jersey.
  6. Long-term substitute teacher of Italian able to also each one section of Italian for Spanish speakers at Millikan High School in Long Beach, California.

Tiny url: https://tinyurl.com/Ital4SpanUS 

This page was created as part of an NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) grant, and with the logistical support of Montclair State University. For information about the NEH Faculty Award linked to the Memoria Presente project, see link.

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