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Faculty Spotlight: SCM Welcomes PR Veteran Keith Green

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Keith Green

Although he may be a new face at Montclair State University, Professor Keith Green is no stranger to the world of Public Relations. Over the course of almost three decades, Green has had an exciting career across multiple sectors of the industry. In addition to working for an agency with Fortune 500 clients, Green also spent time at high-profile companies such as NASCAR, the NBA, and even Guinness World Records.

In addition to working in media, Green also founded the Autism MVP Foundation, a non-profit organization inspired by his son and the educators and therapists who have worked with him. According to Green, Autism MVP works to increase the number and quality of autism-focused educators through groundbreaking initiatives and a scholarship program.

This semester, the Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Strategic Communication is teaching a number of writing classes to SCM students, including PR Writing and Writing for the Media. He also leads Hawk Communications, a student-run PR firm that allows its practitioners to gain hands-on experience in public relations.

“We bring in real clients for them to work alongside with and work for,” Green said of Hawk Communications. “It’s great experience for the students.”

Green is a two-time graduate of Temple University, earning both his Bachelor’s in Journalism and Masters of Education in Sports Administration there. He also served as an adjunct professor at four different universities, including Virginia State University. While there, Green created the school’s first-ever NASCAR Business and Marketing course.

When reflecting back on his career so far, Green emphasizes the importance of strong writing skills. “I’ve said this forever, even to my coworkers before I started teaching. If you can write well, you will put yourself ahead of 90% of the people in the workforce,” Green said. “I believe that to be true, because once people around you know that you’re a great writer, they will come and seek your help.”