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Documentary “Blind Love” Debuts: A Quest for Love

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Blind Love

Cinematography Professor Benjamin Wolf’s most recent project, “Blind Love,” is now available on YouTube and Independent Lens. Produced and directed by Patricia Zagarella, the documentary showcases four blind millennials as they search for a relationship. Benjamin Wolf, director of photography on this project, follows them around with his camera in hand and ready to sit in on their dates.

Wolf describes his experience as “a total pleasure.” He notes that throughout the process, his typical method of work had to completely transform. As a cinematographer, he is normally very discreet on the set and tries his best to maneuver around the subject of the film without making much noise. However, while filming “Blind Love,” any time he was going to make any sudden shift in the lights, cameras or anything else, he would make an announcement, in order to avoid startling the cast members. Wolf states, “I had to work the complete opposite way than I usually do.”

Wolf also notes that watching cast members put themselves in the dating world was wonderful. He worked with two cast members, Simon and Mario, a great deal—and admired them for the risks they took to open conversations and step outside of their comfort zone. His most celebrated moment was when he followed Mario on a date with a young lady. The date took place on a Ferris Wheel. Mario, his date, Wolf, and his camera all sat in a single Ferris Wheel car. The couple had a wonderful time, enjoying every moment and even forgetting that Wolf was there along with them. This, Wolf believes, is because of Mario’s magnetism is able to keep the conversation fun and thriving. Wolf states, “It was a marvel to witness.”

“Blind Love” renounces any stereotypes, it believes that its cast does not care for pity from their dates, but rather an individual ready to take on a serious relationship with them. In seven episodes, viewers are able to dive into a captivating love quest.