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Montclair News Lab Keeps the Stories Coming

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News Lab Show

At it’s core, the weekly Montclair News Lab is not really about studios, or control rooms, or fancy equipment.

It’s about storytelling.

And once we knew we weren’t returning to campus, Professors Effron, Gantt, and McCarthy worked with their team of student senior producers and key leaders to transform News Lab from a studio-based newscast to a newscast anchored and reported from dining rooms and living rooms and backyards. Some students use Zoom to conduct remote interviews. Others use their cell phones to produce pieces on mask fabricating, keeping up with hobbies to stay sane, and more. Twice a week the class congregates on Zoom to spitball ideas, look at pieces, and create graphics.

Once the show is produced, it is published on multiple social media sites, as well as airing on Channel 34 in Montclair. For our students, the learning and creating never stopped, and the show keeps going on.

Watch the latest Montclair News Lab installment.