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Resume Assistance and Internship and Job Preparation are a Meeting or Click Away for SCM Students

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Three people standing behind a table, smiling and dressed professionally. From left to right are a woman, another woman and a man.
Need help with your career? Visit with the CART Career Services team. From left to right are Amanda Brandt, Career Advisor, Victoria Nauta, Director for Career Services, and Miko Castillo, Co-op and Employer Relations Assistant.

*CART Career Services is here to Help SCM and Students Launch Their Careers*

Students looking to advance their professional careers through resume or cover letter assistance while staying on track with academics and college credits should reach out immediately to CART Career Services. The team offers a wide range of services to CART students including resume support, interview preparation and internship and career planning. 

Director for Career Services Victoria Nauta recently sat down with our team to discuss how her team assists SCM students and all students in the College of the Arts:

  1. What is CART Career Services and how does it benefit SCM students?

“We are a team of professionals that provides career training and education to assist students and alumni with preparing for life post-graduation. Amanda Brandt, Career Advisor, and Miko Castillo, Co-op and Employer Relations Assistant, are part of our team that serves more than 3,000 students and recent graduates.”


  1. What services do you offer?

“We offer all of the necessary tools for career readiness from resumes/cover letter creation, interview preparation, employment/internship search, career planning/guidance, employer workshops-which students should always attend- and so much more.”


  1. How do these services help SCM students?

“We cover everything “Career,” with the exception of placing you into a job/internship. Think of us as the quarterback who sets you up for the touchdown, but you have to get the ball to the end zone. We may not be the ones to offer the positions but we are the ones that will get you to the door.”


  1. When is the best time to contact CART Career Services?

“Career Services is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, all appointments may be scheduled throughHandshake.”


  1. What else should CART and SCM students know about your services?

“We want students to know that we are always approachable and that asking for help is never an issue; we just want the opportunity to do our best to help them succeed. Finding a job is not always easy; however, with the right tools, guidance, and patience, anything is possible.”

The team is available for in-person appointments through the end of the semester, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The team is also available for ZOOM appointments via handshake. The team can also be reached on Instagram or TikTok via @msucartcareers.

Story by SCM graduate student Tiffannie Coy