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“People of Montclair” Photojournalism Project

Students publish “People of Montclair” series in Montclair Local

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"People of Montclair" image of Pete DiMatteo, by Sean Kuhn

Montclair State University students Irish Maliborski, Kyle Goldware, Ryan Mosca, Sal DiMaggio, Sean Kuhn, Vincent Cianicullo, Ivana Ragusa, Ava Firmani, Billy Pinkney, David Bien Amie and Devin Castillo— brought Montclair Local the “People of Montclair” series.

“People of Montclair” was created in collaboration with Montclair Local and Thomas Franklin’s Intro to Photojournalism (JOUR 281) class.

Inspired by the renowned Humans of New York project by Brandon Stanton, MSU students set out to capture the essence of Montclair. The project involved students photographing locals across various Montclair settings, ranging from bustling streets to parks. Each photo is accompanied by the individual’s response to the question, “What do you like most about Montclair?” Through their lenses, these students have captured what makes Montclair so special to its residents.

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