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Information about Inclement Weather Advisories

Be Prepared and In The Know! Check Your Emergency Contact Info in NEST!

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RAVE Text Alerts

The quickest way to get information about inclement weather advisories via RAVE Text Alerts. Be sure your emergency contact information in NEST is correct. Check your NEST Account, Today!

About Notifications

The data used to make the decision to close the University, or cancel classes, is obtained from a number of sources, including the National Weather Service, state and municipal agencies regarding highway and local road conditions, as well as campus officials who determine the state of parking lots, roads and walkways. Because members of our community come from so many different areas of our state as well as neighboring states, the local conditions must be a primary consideration in the decision-making process. That means individuals should consider their personal circumstances in making a decision about whether or not to come to campus when the weather is a concern. Students who have extraordinary circumstances to consider should discuss this matter with their faculty members, before the need arises.

For example, the roads may be heavily covered where you live but dry on and around campus. You may feel very confident in your driving ability while others will be less sure about how to maneuver in ice or snow. You may be using public transportation and road conditions are not as important a consideration.

Therefore, the University’s priority must be about whether or not campus walkways, roadways and parking lots can be cleared in time for classes to occur.

It will be the University’s intention to remain open and operating whenever possible. Therefore, your default assumption should be that the regular class and activity schedule will be in effect.

Ways to Be Notified

In the event that classes are canceled and/or the University is closed, the following will occur:

Email: Sent to all students, faculty and staff.

Text Message: Via the RAVE Text Alert System. Go to your NEST account and check your emergency contact information. Be sure your current mobile phone number is correctly listed.

Website Pop-up Message: A pop-up message will appear on the University’s homepage. If additional details are available, a link to a News item will be included in the pop-up message.

All this information is available on the University Closings web page.

Please Note: Do not call the University Police main number for weather alerts.

Walkways During Winter Storms

The following is a list of the areas where walking modifications may be made during winter storms. If necessary, the areas indicated below will be barricaded until the snow stops and major areas are cleared. In most cases, a small area will be cleared to allow access or alternate route utilized. This will enable University personnel to concentrate efforts on major areas of the campus and maintain ample safe walkways for students and staff:

  • Stairway from CarParc Diem to Blanton Hall.
  • East and west side stairs in the front of the Student Center.
  • Two sets of steps on the east side of The School of Nursing/Graduate School leading to the Student Center, Quad.
  • Most sections of the steps on the east side of Alexander Kasser Theater.
  • Half of the steps between the southeast side Alexander Kasser Theater and College Hall.
  • The two set of steps that lead from Cole Hall to the Freeman/Russ Halls, Quad.
  • The large set of steps that lead from Lot 7 to Panzer Athletic Center (northeast corner).
  • The large set of steps on the west side of the Chapin Hall.
  • Most of the steps in front of Cafe Diem.
  • Steps leading from campus to the Newman Center.
  • 5th Floor Red Hawk Deck ramp.

Time To Prepare

Before the snow comes it’s good to be as prepared as possible. View Some Tips on What You Can Do to Be Prepared.

Moving Cars off Surface Lots for Snow Removal

All surface lots will be taken offline and will not be available for parking to accommodate snow removal. Resident and commuter students, faculty, and staff will receive notification with instructions about snow removal operations and when to move cars from surface lots to campus parking decks. Vehicles that remain in surface parking lots when instructed to move them to campus parking decks are subject to citation and towing at the owner’s expense.

Please Note: The top levels of both the Red Hawk Deck and CarParc Diem may be subject to closures for snow and ice removal during any inclement weather.