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New Service Launched: Campus e911 Location Feature

Posted in: Accessibility, Enterprise Software, IT Services, Networking, Telecommunications

Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) has made many upgrades and changes to campus telephone services over the past few years. Our latest feature upgrade is one of great importance for our campus community: Enhanced 911 or ‘e911’ location services.

This e911 solution will also enable softphone users to update their location when using the softphone application on their university PC, whether working remotely or using the softphone while in the office. Please note that since the softphone is running on your PC and not a physical phone on your office desk, softphone users will be required to provide their current location when they start up the softphone application or whenever they change physical location. If you use the softphone application, please see the attached screenshots or read the complete documentation here for instructions on how to enter your current location into the softphone application.

The e911 solution relies on accurate location information for every user. As such, please remember that all telecommunications equipment moves must be completed by IT Telecom engineers so that location data can be updated and maintained properly. If you require a phone equipment move, please email itservicedesk@montclair.edu, attention Telecom, and do not move the equipment yourself.

Community members may still contact University Police at 973-655-5222 for any concerns or questions.

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