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Quick IT Guide (Faculty and Staff)

This IT guide is provided as a quick reference checkpoint for all technology related tasks that will make you a better acquainted and successful professional. The menu on the left provides links to more information on all the topics given below.

Quick Guide for Fac/Staff

Check out this quick, downloadable IT guide for faculty and staff. This document covers all things from setting up your email, to how and where to access all of our supported applications and systems. It also includes links for many online resources and trainings provided to all faculty and staff.


Key Terms to Know

  • NETID: Montclair State University ID account that is used for most technology related services on campus. To activate your NetID or update your password, please follow the instructions provided on the Activate and Manage NetID and password page.
  • CANVAS: Montclair State University’s learning management system (LMS). Canvas is known for its user-friendly online environment and ability to easily connect instructors and students both in and out of the classroom. Canvas includes basic LMS functionality for managing enrollments, sharing documents, submitting assignments, and assigning grades, as well as personalized features for individual students. All support is provided by clicking on the “Help” tab in the application or by calling the IT Service Desk. More information is provided in the Faculty Canvas Guide.
  • NEST: Acronym for Network Engagement and Student/Staff Transactions, is the primary academic portal for Montclair State University. It is a single sign-on portal that allows faculty to view their class rosters, verify student attendance and input grades at the end of the semester. Employees will have varying uses for NEST depending on their role at the University. They can use NEST as the access point for applications such as Banner, Degree Works, and Workday. All these services can be reviewed through the NEST Tutorial and FAQ documents.
  • WORKDAY: Application utilized to manage human resources’ data. Payroll, Timesheet Approvals, Personnel Information.

Setting Up Email, Calendar, and File Storage with Google Apps

Montclair State University uses Google Suite. This provides faculty, staff and students with unlimited storage for files (documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc.) and email. In addition, Google Calendar is the official tool for scheduling meetings and resources. To access any of the available Google Services, please go to www.google.com and log in with your username (NetID@montclair.edu) and password. More information is provided under Google Email and Google Applications page.

Using the Campus Network

In order to get your device on the campus network, it must be registered. Directions on how to do this, are provided on the Connect to Wireless page. When using wireless, it is important to pick the right Wi-Fi SSID access point from the list below:

Wireless Networks

  • MSU-Secure (Preferred)  The recommended option for anyone with a Montclair State NetID which includes the capability of using WPA2 encryption.
  • MSU-WiFi  A network for older computers and devices that are not capable of using WPA2 encryption. Do not use this if you do not need to.
  • MSU-Guest  A network that is intended only for temporary visitors to campus (i.e. attendees of a workshop or event) who do not have a Montclair State NetID account.

Getting Technical Support

Getting Technology Support at Montclair State University has a distributed technology support model across campus. For assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk or your local academic technology team. IT Service Desk: Provides primary support for all Administrative, Auxiliary and several colleges including CART, CHSS, Grad School and Sprague Library. In addition, we provide evening support across campus.

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