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Adobe Named Users (Faculty/Staff Only)

Montclair State University has extended Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud access to our  Faculty and Staff.  As part of your University image, we have preloaded Adobe Acrobat which allows you to effectively create and edit PDF documents.  For more robust Adobe Creative Cloud products, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or In Design, you can pull those applications down from the Software Center on both your University issued Mac or PC. You will be required to log into Adobe the first time you use an Adobe product using your Google Mail credentials ( and password).

Personal Computers and Devices:  As a Faculty or Staff member, you are entitled to use your Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud in the cloud following the directions for, “Using Adobe in the Cloud“.


Benefits on Named User Licensing

  • Better visibility into where the license is distributed
  • Allows users to login using Single Sign-On
  • Allows us to extend our Adobe license to Adjuncts
  • Allows Faculty, Adjuncts, and Staff to store up to 20GB of data in cloud-based storage.  (For details of what is allowed to be stored, please review our Data Classification and Handling Policy)
  • Can be concurrently logged into 2 devices to allow for at-home utilization
  • Eliminates the need for survey submissions for Windows 10 and Mac OS X Faculty and Staff machines.  Surveys need to still be completed for Windows 7 and Computing Labs.

Available Creative Cloud Applications

Adobe Acrobat Professional is currently part of Montclair State University’s standard image and had been installed on machines provided by the University.

Requests for New Software

For new Montclair State University leased/owned Windows 10 and OSX machines, please go to the Software Center Application on your machine to install Adobe Products.

For additional information, please contact the IT Service Desk at 973-655-7971, option 1 or your local technology team.