Reserving a Teaching Computing Lab

Teaching Computing Labs can be reserved by MSU faculty/staff for classes and/or presentations.  Public Computing Labs cannot be reserved for use for classes and/or presentations.

  • To reserve a Teaching Computer Lab for a class for an entire semester, contact your department chairperson.
  • To reserve a Teaching Computer Lab for a class or seminar during the semester, please use the list below for contact information and locations.

Please Note: If you reserve an Information Technology Teaching Lab, the instructor MUST be present in the lab for the entire time the lab is in use by the students. Failure to do this may result in teaching lab privileges being revoked.

Contact Information

  • Dickson Hall Computer Labs-All Dickson Hall Computer Labs are now scheduled by their hosting academic department, which have first priority of use.  In order to check scheduling possibilities, please contact the individual department.
  • Partridge Hall Room 213 - All room assignments are scheduled through the School of Business.  To reserve one of these labs, please contact Roslyn Cutting in the Deans Office at (973) 655-4303.
  • Richardson Hall Room 108- All requests are scheduled through the Computer Science Department.  To reserve this room, please contact the Chairperson of the Computer Science Department at (973) 655-4166.
  • ADP Center, University Hall 1121 - All requests should be sent via email to the ADP Center at

Additional Labs on Campus: All labs not listed in the above computing lab lists are maintained and/or scheduled by the individual departments.  For information on those labs, please contact the appropriate department chairperson.