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Religious Holidays

Important Information Related to Religious Observation and Classes/Coursework.

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Montclair State University embraces the diversity of its Student Body and the University endeavors to provide an environment that is inclusive and supportive for all the members of our community.

If you anticipate or suspect any dates of religious observance might limit your ability to meet course-related deadlines and/or to follow schedules for graded work (for example, dates of in-class exams), you must review the course syllabus and schedule as soon as it becomes available. You must inform your instructor within the first two (2) weeks of classes if you anticipate any dates of observance that will require your absence from class or restrict your ability to satisfy some course requirement. It is the responsibility of each student to inform their instructors of such dates.

Instructors have been requested to consider days of religious observance as they schedule key dates in their courses. However, given the diversity of our community, it may not be possible to accommodate the observances of all students within the schedule of a particular course. In this case, advance notice to the instructor is essential to facilitate any appropriate individual accommodation.

The setting of deadlines and schedules for graded work, and the form of any individual accommodation for student religious observances, is at the discretion of the instructor.

This information is posted on the University Policies and Procedures website.

The Department of Religion has created the web page: Multifaith Religious Observances Calendar. Please Note: This list is not meant to be exhaustive or prescriptive.