Network Registration Process

‌‌‌How to Register your Laptop to the Network

Montclair State University currently offers two different types of internet connections - Wireless and Ethernet.
All computers that wish to access our campus network must meet our network requirements: which consist of an up-to-date Operating System and a valid Anti-Virus program. Each Students is only allowed up to 5 devices to be registered to the Network.

Please follow all of the listed steps below to complete the registration phase. If you are still having trouble connecting or registering to the network please contact the University Helpdesk at 973-655-7971 or email them at

Step 1. Please connect to the appropriate network. "MSU-WiFi", "MSU-Preferred", "MSU Wireless", or "WaveLAN" are all acceptable networks. Once you are connected, please open your browser. You should automatically be directed to Registration page. Please read through the page and click Accept and Next. After reading the Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources click Accept and click the Next button.

Step 2. Under the "Student, Faculty, or Staff" heading please click Start. Log in with your NetID and password. This will confirm that you are connected with the University and will register the computer in your name.  When you are done, click Download.

Step 3.  By clicking download you will perform a vulnerability/virus scan called the Bradford Dissolvable Agent on your computer. If your computer passes the scan please proceed to Step 4. If your computer fails this scan, you will not be allowed onto the network and be prompted with an error message. If you do not have any Anti Virus Software you can simply visit the following link:  After logging in with your NetID and password please click on I agree to the above terms and conditions. You will then be directed to the Software page. Here you can download Sophos Anti Virus for either your Mac or PC. Run and install Sophos from the appropriate section. Update Sophos by right clicking on the blue-gray shield (Mac: Black shield)when it appears in the corner of your screen near the clock. Run the Bradford Dissolvable Agent again. If you still fail to pass the scan, you will need to set up an appointment with the University Helpdesk for virus removal.

Step 4. Once the scan is successful, you will need to restart the computer. Upon restart, you should be able to access the internet with no problems.


Windows 7 Instructions

Mac OS X Instructions

Windows 8 Directions

How to Register Gaming Devices to Network

In order to properly register your gaming device to the MSU Network please begin by following Step 1 listed above.

Please Note: You will need to access this registration page from a laptop not via the device you wish to register.

Once you are connected and have read through our policies please locate the title: "NETWORK OR GAME DEVICES" and click the Start icon next to it. You will then be directed to a new page, please provide your NetID, password, the device type, and the MAC Address. Please Note there is a link for instructions on locating the MAC Address of your device on the Registration Page.

NOTICE: Devices must be directly connected to the network via Ethernet. Routers are not allowed. You may need to wait up to 15 minutes after connecting before registering. (Excluding E-book Readers)

Please note: Wireless printers are not allowed on the campus network. Printers in the dorms must be connected via USB

After clicking the Register button, you will see a downloading processing indicating your system's registration to the network.  Once the download is complete your device should have full access to the network.