Theft Protection Software for Computers

Nigel Buchanan

The Division of Information Technology is pleased to inform you that we have added a theft protection service for your computers.  This PC Phonehome (For Windows Devices) and Mac Phonehome (for OS X devices) software offered by Brigadoon Security Group boasts a 99% recovery rate for lost and stolen machines.  

How it works:

When the missing device connects to the Internet, the program logs the geographic locations associated with the internet addresses that the device has connected to since it went missing.  

What information do you need?

  1. You should always know the make and model of your machine?
  2. Make sure you save the serial number of your machine and write them down
  3. Identify and write down the Mac Addresses of your device

Download the Sofware Now!

Don’t be a victim of computer theft.  Students, faculty and staff can download this software to a PC or Mac from the Software Repository page located at  For more information about the program, please contact the University Help Desk at 973-655-7971, option 1.

For technical questions, please contact Brigdoon Technical Support at 845-624-0909 or send an email to SUPPORT@BRIGADOONSOFTWARE.COM