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Experimenting with the Future: A Bio-sustainable Journey Through Italy

In-class talks by Daniele Balicco

Experimenting with the Future: A Bio-sustainable Journey Through Italy image
Thur. March 23
11:30am-12:45pm and
(Note: The same talk will be presented twice to accommodate several classes)

School of Business MPR 140
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In connection with the Critical Made in Italy Part 2: Food – Sustainability and Biotechnologies event (March 21), Daniele Balicco’s presentation “Experimenting with the Future: A Bio-sustainable Journey Through Italy” focuses on startups that have successfully embraced bio-sustainable technologies and practices (macrobiotic, Slow Food, shared gardens), and covers select case studies in the North, Center and South of the country, and highlights an idiosyncratic blend of innovation and tradition. The talk will be presented twice back to back, in Italian with consecutive translation into English.

Scholar and journalist Daniele Balicco will also address the topic of Italian food in the U.S. and the tradition of Italian American food, explaining how Italy has become the number one producer and exporter of organic goods in Europe as well as the number one destination for quality food tourism.

Daniele Balicco

Daniele Balicco is Visiting Fellow in Theory and Critical Studies at the EHESS (École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) of Paris. His theoretical work lies between cultural history, aesthetics and economics. In his first book – Non parlo a tutti. Franco Fortini intellettuale politico/I Don’t Speak to Everyone. Franco Fortini, a Political Intellectual(Roma, 2006) – he analyzed the relationship between political power, the aesthetic dimension, and financial capital. He has continued to focus on this topic as the editor of a special issue of Allegoria (2014) devoted to Edward Said as a political thinker – Lotta politica e riflessione estetica in Edward Said / Edward Said between Politics and Aesthetics. These themes are also central to his more recent work as editor of the volume Made in Italy e cultura. Indagine sull’identità italiana contemporanea (Made in Italy and Culture. Inquiry into the Contemporary Italian Identity, Palumbo 2016). He is author of articles on food such as Rivoluzione Macrobiotica (see pdf), Rivoluzione policolturale, sfida al deserto del Gobi and of an essay in book on alternative agriculture, Le tre agricolture. He also works as a freelance journalist for the newspaper Il Manifesto. He lives in Rome.

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