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Workshop and Mixer about Collaborative Audiovisual Work

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Wed Sept. 28 (6-8pm Schmitt Hall 104)
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Directly linked to the “Adopt an Italian UNESCO Site” video contest for students, this workshop has two main goals. First, it is designed to provide students with tools and tips on how to select ideas, develop stories, and envision formats for an audiovisual work that will be their submission for the contest. It is an ideal forum for students to share in-progress projects and to receive targeted feedback. Secondly, the workshop is an occasion to learn about collaborative work across disciplines through specific examples provided by the presenters.
Since the contest encourages joint efforts – especially but not exclusively, between students of Italian and Filmmaking – the workshop is a perfect opportunity to mix and meet. Students will be able to identify a partner for their project and understand how to share tasks and use their diverse backgrounds at their best.
The program includes short presentations, screening of examples that students can use as models, and group work. RSVP at this link and be prepared to watch and analyze the materials below* before the workshop in order to make it into a dynamic experience. Ideally students should come to the meeting with a draft or pre-draft for the project that they are considering developing and eventually submitting. While this is not a requirement, it will create the perfect environment for a productive exchange.

Massimo Mascolo

Massimo Mascolo, was born in Como in 1979. He moved to Rome when he was 18 to study film directing and screenwriting. While studying he began to develop projects for some independent producers and wrote three low budget feature length scripts for Italian-Greek producer Ovidio G. Assonitis. After completing his Master in Screenwriting at the Scuola Fiction Mediatrade, he accepted an invitation to collaborate with‌‌ the Accademia del Cinema Italiano Premi David di Donatello. He has been part of the organizing team since 2003 and chief of planning for the awards ceremonies since 2010. In 2004 Massimo started re-organizing the historical photographic and audiovisual archives of the David di Donatello. He curated the official feature documentary for the 50th Anniversary of the Film Awards (2006) and co-curated a special issue of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (2016). Combining his creative writing skills, his organizational experience and a growing knowledge of video-editing and post-production, Massimo has been producing videos with his partner Claudio Napoli. Massimo lives in New York City.
Claudio Napoli

Claudio Napoli was born in Naples in 1960. Growing up he absorbed his father’s passion for fine arts and photography. Video and photography soon became Claudio’s passions. His career has been focused on video and film, starting off in the graphics and motion graphics field, working for local and national Italian TV channels. During the 1990s he left Naples and moved to Rome becoming a partner at Proxima, which soon became the leading Italian company for visual effects in cinema. Between 1996 and 2010 Claudio worked on many film productions collaborating with well-known directors such as Tornatore, Angelopoulos, Parenti, D’Alatri, Verdone, Zeffirelli and Monicelli. He has been nominated for a David di Donatello Film Award in the Best Visual Effects category for six consecutive years, and he won one in 2006 for Romanzo Criminale/Crime Novel directed by Michele Placido. Since 2010, Claudio has been working on more personal/independent video and photographic projects, while producing motion graphics commercials and corporate videos with his partner Massimo Mascolo. Claudio moved to New York City at the end of 2014. He lives in Harlem.
*List of videos for students to watch before the workshop (please come with comments based on the directions provided):
About collaboration: The Grand Rapids LipDub
Making of a video: The Making of the Grand Rapids Lip Dub
Massimo Mascolo and Claudio Napoli’s workshop keynote

Professional Examples:
Italy the Extraordinary Commonplace
Italia|Viaggia nella bellezzaSwitzerland Tourism Video Marketing Ad
“Does this work? And if not, why?”
Chi usa un DVD pirata è uno sfigato!
student video project: Tsuen Tsin Mission of Hong Kong
History of Japan
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