Early Faculty Adopters

A group of 24 early adopter faculty members across all Colleges/Schools on campus, taught their Fall 2013 courses in Canvas. Many more are teaching their Spring 2014 courses in canvas. This is part of an ongoing effort to run both Blackboard and Canvas parallel to one another, as we slowly transition to using only Canvas in Fall 2014. Here is a link to a Chronicle review, "Teaching on a New Canvas".

If you are interested in becoming an early adopter for this Summer 2014, please submit your request via our Canvas Early Adopter Request Form.

Below are our current Canvas early adopters:

Enza Antenos-Conforti   CHSS
Amanda Baden   CEHS
Adam Bell   CART
Jessica Brandt   CHSS
Robin Caine   CHSS
Ada Beth Cutler   CEHS
Jerry Fails   CSAM
Marc Favata   CSAM
Jack Gaynor   CSAM
Elaine Gerber   CHSS
Sarah Ghoshal   CHSS
Melissa Gonzalez   CART
Johnathan Howell   CHSS
Mark Hubey   CSAM
Wobbe Koning   CART
Ross Malaga   SBUS
Sandra Passchier   CSAM
Edina Renfro-Michel   CEHS
Tiger Roholt   CHSS
Adam Rzepka   CHSS
Casey Shannon   CHSS
Vladislav Snitsarev   CSAM
Yawei Wang   SBUS
Te Wu   SBUS

You may access your courses at the MSU Canvas website by visiting https://montclair.instructure.com/ and logging in using your NetID and password.