Citrix For Faculty


What is Citrix?

Citrix is the server-based computing system that enables the use of thin-client technology. Using Citrix, you can access applications without having them installed on your local hard drive. The applications reside on a server and can be accessed once a user is given an account.

Why Thin Client Terminology?

Using Citrix, staff and students will potentially be able to access their applications from anywhere. For example, staff or faculty will be able to access courseware applications from their office PC's. Students will be able to access the system from networked halls of residence. All users will also be able to access the desktop from home over the Internet.

New Terms

Thin Client: A portable device that gives the end-user access to applications and data that reside on a server
Server: A computer that provides applications and resources to connected users
Terminal: A device that functions like a computer consisting of a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse but no CPU. This device must be connected to a server in order to perform.
Application: A program designed to assist the user in the performance of a specific task (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint)

Logging on to Citrix using the Thin Client

1. Turn on the thin client by pushing the button located at the lower right corner on top of the WYSE unit. The Login screen will appear on the terminal.
2. Enter user name* in lowercase: i.e. smithj for user John Smith.
3. Enter your password* in lowercase.
4. Click OK. Initial log-in may take a few moments.

*Username and password are provided to you by the Help Desk (973-655-7971 or x7971).

Requesting a Citrix Account

To request a Citrix account and Thin Client, please contact the Help Desk at 973-655-7971 (x7971) or