Citrix For Faculty

What is Citrix?

Citrix is the server-based computing system that enables the use of thin-client technology. Using Citrix, you can access applications without having them installed on your local hard drive. The applications reside on a server and can be accessed once a user is given an account.

How to Access Citrix

Citrix can be accessed in three different ways. It can be accessed via the website, by installing the Citrix Receiver and accessing it that way, or by logging into a Citrix Thin client.

Logging into Xenapp

If you are logging into Xenapp directly, follow the link to Once you're at the website, you will log in with your Netid and password after designating the logon type as "Explicit". Upon successful login, you will be taken to all of your currently available applications.

Logging into the Citrix Receiver

If you are logging into the Citrix Receiver from a university-owned computer, you can open up the Citrix Receiver directly. Once you have launched the Receiver, you will be prompted to enter the Domain username and password. Please be sure to note that your username to log in is ADMSU\<netid> and the password is your netid password. So if your netid is Smithj, you will log into Citrix receiver as ADMSU\smithj and your netid password.

If you are using a personal machine, you will need to download and install the Citrix Receiver. Visit the Citrix products page to download the appropriate version (i.e. Mac or Windows). Once installed, it will ask for a work or server address when you first launch it. This server is Once you add the server, you do not need to do it again unless you remove the server. From there, the rest of login is the same as mentioned before.

Logging into Citrix using the Thin Client

  1. Turn on the thin client by pushing the button located at the lower right corner on top of the WYSE unit. The Login screen will appear on the terminal.
  2. Enter username* in lowercase: i.e. smithj for user John Smith.
  3. Enter your password* in lowercase.
  4. Click OK. Initial log-in may take a few moments.

*Username and password are provided to you by the Service Desk 973-655-7971 opt 1.

Common Applications and Troubleshooting

Citrix has a variety of apps and depending on user access, some may have access to specific applications while others may not. However, there are a core number of links that you will find under all applications which you may find useful. There are specific links to ISR and Banner access for faculty and staff who are in need of it. As well as having access to versions of Microsoft Office and other software that may help, such as SPSS.

There are a few common errors that users may experience when trying to access Citrix. If you are having issues logging in, make sure your netid and password is working. You can verify this by accessing other netid products, such as your University email. If you still cannot log in, please make sure you are using the proper "\' when typing in ADMSU\netid. If you are being disconnected from your session frequently, please make sure you are on a steady connection. Citrix requires a strong connection to be able to remotely access applications and a weak signal, specifically wireless, may cause issues in maintaining your connection to the Server.

For any further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at (973)-655-7971 opt 1.