Galaxy Quick Guide

Installing Galaxy on a PC

  1. Open your web browser and visit Enter your NetID and Password when prompted, and agree to the terms of use.
  2. Scroll through the software list and select QVT/Term under the Windows Administrative Software.
  3. Download and run the file. Contact the It Service Desk if you are prompted for an administrative password.
  4. After the program is installed, please restart your computer. Once the computer has restarted look for an icon on your desktop that looks like a gray computer monitor. Double click that to open it and connect.
  5. Enter your Netid and password to access the system. Once you have logged in it may ask you to accept a private key. select yes on the prompt.
  6. Select the production system that needs to be accessed.
  7. Once installed you will see a black terminal icon named To get onto galaxy, you must have an account with SIS or HRS. For SIS account information please contact the Registrar office at x4376. For HRS, call Human Resources at x5293.

Mac Instructions for Accessing Galaxy

1)       First, open the Terminal application. If it is not in the dock, you can locate it in the Finder, in Applications, in the Utilities folder.
2)       Within Terminal, select Shell, then click New  Command.
3)       You must type the following into the command box that opens up:

 ssh (insert your personal netID instead of “netID” in the command). Check the box next to “Run command inside a shell”, and then click Run.

4)       You will be prompted to enter your netID password. Type in your password and hit the enter key after (your password will not appear on screen – this is normal).
5)       If you want to create a desktop shortcut to Galaxy, select Shell, then click Export settings. You may select a name for the shortcut in the Save As field, and its location on your computer in the Where field.
6)       Congratulations! You are now ready to use Galaxy on your Mac