Analog Sunset

  1. What is the Analog Sunset?
    From a business perspective, the Analog Sunset refers to a portion of the Advance Access Content System (AACS) license agreement adopted by content owners and device manufactures to insure copyright protected content, such as motion pictures (Hollywood), is not illegally copied and distributed.  High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), along with a license obtained from the Digital Content Protection, LLC and unique device helps prevent the stealing of data.

    What this means for you is that you will no longer see a VGA or Component Video connection on devices.

    Example of a VGA Connector: ‌

    Example of a Component Video Connector: ‌

  2. What equipment does this effect?
    VCR players (VHS Tapes) and DVD players (Video Disks).  Both VCR and DVD players are being phased out in the marketplace.  The biggest impact to AV systems will be the changes made to laptops manufactured after 2013.  Both of the two main chip manufactures for laptops (Intel and AMD) have announced that after 2013, they will no longer produce laptop PC chipsets with an Analog Video output.  This means that starting next year, new laptops will not have a VGA connection.  Some may have already experienced this with Apple MacBook’s which have not had analog connectors for several years and require an adapter for use with an Analog System.  There is also the proliferation of the use of smartphones and tablets to prepare for, as none of those devices have analog capabilities.
  3. How do I present my content if the equipment is no longer available?
    Non- copyrighted content could be digitalized and then uploaded to My Media* accessible via the web. Also, if you use commercial video titles contact Sprague Library Multimedia Services (x7153) to learn how to acquire digital streaming rights. For more information check out MyMedia at *
  4. With VGA going away, how can I display using my laptop?
    If your laptop was manufactured before 2013, as mentioned above you will still be able to display that laptop in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) rooms. As analog equipment is being replaced in the mediated spaces, your laptop will have either Display port and HDMI outputs. Here are the cables currently available that will allow you to display content in the BYOD rooms.

With the University moving to a BYOD model, MSU has already begun making modifications.  The rooms that are currently modified to fit this new model are:

Bohn Hall 494
Calcia Hall 108
Calcia Hall 134
Calcia Hall 223
Calcia Hall 229
Calcia Hall 230
Chapin Hall G01
Chapin Hall G02
Chapin Hall 230
Chapin Hall  330
College Hall 111
College Hall 231
Dickson Hall 113
Dickson Hall 122
Dickson Hall 173
Dickson Hall 176
Dickson Hall 179
Dickson Hall 270
Dickson Hall 338
Sprague Library 030
Mallory Hall 155
Mallory Hall 161
Richardson Hall 374
Richardson Hall 376
Science Hall 102
Science Hall 115
Science Hall 126
Science Hall 131
Science Hall 210
Science Hall 211
Science Hall 215
Science Hall 216
Science Hall 310
Science Hall 311
Science Hall 316
Science Hall 317
Speech Building 230
Spech Buiilding 231
University Hall 1121
University Hall 2010
University Hall 2013
Universithy Hall 2042
University Hall 2046
University Hall 2048
University Hall 3002
University Hall 3010
University Hall 3032
University Hall  3034
University Hall 3036
University Hall 4011
University Hall 4054
University Hall 4058
University Hall 6010
University Hall


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