Quick Tips to Reduce Paper Waste

  • Did you know if you print double-sided that you can get approximately 1142 printed sides?
  • Before printing that document, use the print preview function that will give you an accurate view of how the printed pages will look.
  • In PowerPoint, select the handout option when printing out a slideshow. Read
  • Download books to your network share, tablet pc, smartphone or computer for easy perusal.
  • When printing, select only the pages you need to print out 
  • When doing research, save your material by emailing it to yourself or saving it to a flash drive. 
  • Be Patient when printing!  If you have already hit the print button the document might be queued up at the printer with jobs bring processed before you.
  • When printing study guides, or class notes, reduce margins and point sizes to minimize page counts.
  • Think before you print! Do I really need to print this email, webpage, or 50 page article?