Photo of the Red Hawk statue.

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What’s Open During Summer?

The Student Recreation Center, Red Hawk Central, Printing Labs…more!

Aerial picture of Car Parc Diem and the north end of campus.

Free Summer 2023 Parking Information

Regulations Now through Sunday, August 27, 2023.

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Elevator Testing Schedule

List of Campus Facilities Where Testing Will Occur.

Graphic of food cans.

Cans for Citations

Donation Goes Toward Your Citation Payment and Supports the Red Hawk Pantry.

What’s Open During Spring Break?

University and Student Support Services during Spring Break 2023.

Aerial picture of CarParc Diem.

Parking and Traffic

Reminder: Parking Permits Required on Campus. Allow Extra Time to Travel!

Red Hawk Statue covered in snow.

What’s Open During Winter Break?

University and Student Support Services during Winter Break 2023.

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Shuttle Bus App Update

Campus Shuttle Bus Tracking Services App Is No Longer Available.

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Holiday Weekend Parking & Shuttle Schedule

Important Details about Parking and Shuttle Service during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Picture of canned products

Cans for Citations Is Back!

Unopened Canned or Dry Goods Will Be Worth $10.00 Toward One Open Citation: November 7-23.

Rocky the Red Hawk standing in front of an Amazon Locker on campus.

On-Campus Amazon Lockers

Get Your Amazon Packages Delivered to One of Five Lockers On Campus!

Aerial picture of CarParc Diem.

Traffic Tips and Pointers for You!

Important Information to Help You Tackle the Traffic at the Beginning of the Semester.