Telephone and Emergency Numbers



Academic Advising 4106
Admissions 5116
Athletics  5234
Cashier’s Office 4317
Dean of Students 4118
Drop In Center 5271
Career Services 5194
Central Switchboard 4000
Campus Ministry 7240
Catering 4224
Cooperative Education 4426
Financial Aid 4461
Food Service  7707
Graduate School 5147
Health Center 4361
Information Desk (Student Ctr.)  5329
International Services 6862
Library 4288
Media Center 4241
Psychological Services 5211
Rathskeller  5100
Red Hawk Dollar Office 7431
Registrar 4376
Residential Education & Services 5118
On-campus housing 5188
Blanton Hall 5212
Bohn Hall 5262
Clove Road 4475
Freeman Hall 5283
Stone Hall 5354
Webster Hall 5375
Student Activities Office 7818
Student Center Office (Scheduling) 4411
Student Government Association  4202
University Bookstore 4310


Administration & Faculty

Student Development & Campus Life

  • KAREN L. PENNINGTON, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Development & Campus Life
  • LOUIS ANDERSON, M.A., Executive Assistant to the Vice President
  • KATHLEEN E. RAGAN, M.A., Associate Vice President for Division Administration
  • BRYAN J. TERRY, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management


  • LISA KASPER, M.A., Director
  • TBA, Senior Associate Director
  • JIMMY LUCIANO, M.P.A., Assistant Director
  • JAMES J. DAVISON, B.A., Strategy and Technology Analyst
  • TBA, Assistant Director of Admissions for Communications & Marketing
  • JULIANNE HILE, B.A., Admissions Counselor
  • CHARLES MILLER, M.A., Director of Transfer Recruitment and Outreach
  • BETSEY MONTANEZ, B.A., Admissions Counselor
  • BRYAN MOSCHEL, B.A., Assistant Director of Admissions for Recruitment and Outreach
  • MARY MURPHY, B.A., Manager of Pre-Enrollment Services
  • ERIN SAMPLES, B.S., Admissions Counselor
  • NADIA SHEIKH, M.A., Admissions Counselor
  • FRED L. STOLARSKI, B.S., Visit Experience Coordinator

Auxiliary Services

  • ANDREW PIGNATARO, B.S., Director
  • JAMES ROBINSON, B.S., Liaison of Dining Services
  • JOSEPH RODAK, Manager of Campus Card Services
  • CLEMENTINE STEVENSON, Auxiliary Services/Customer Service Representative
  • CARLOS ESPINOZA, ID Card Office/Customer Service Representative

Campus Recreation and Intramural Program

  • VIRGINIA MOHR, B.A., Associate Director
  • SCOTT CORTESE, M.B.A., Program Assistant
  • JOSEPH KACZOROWSKI, B.A., Program Assistant/Evening Supervisor
  • ALEXANDER SPERLING, M.S., Coordinator of Aquatics and Summer Programs
  • THOMAS LEONARD, B.A., Coordinator of Maintenance and Fitness Equipment
  • CAROLYN GARRONE, M.S., Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports
  • MARIE CASCARANO, Ph.D., Coordinator of Health Promotion
  • KELLY O'CONNOR, M.A., Evening Supervisor

Center for Advising and Student Transitions

  • MICHELE CAMPAGNA, Ed.D. Executive Director
  • ARTHUR ESPOSITO, M.A., Associate Director Advising
  • LINDSAY MORLOCK, M.Ed., Associate Director of Freshman and Sophomore Programs
  • NICOLE WEIR, Assistant Director
  • KATHLEEN SADOWSKY, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • MATTHEW CALVERT, M.S., Coordinator of Orientation Programs
  • JASON PELOSI, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • TEMESHIA RUFUS, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • FRANKLIN JOHNSON, Program Assistant
  • AMANDA CARCIONE, M.S., Academic Advisor
  • SABRINA L. MATHUES, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • ANDRE PHILIPPE WHITE, M.S., Academic Advisor
  • YOSAYRA EUSEBIO, M.Ed., First Year Counselor
  • DENISE RODAK, M.A., Coordinator of Veteram and Military Resources

Center for Academic Development and Assessment

  • JAMAL A. SHAHIN, B.A., Administrative Assistant
  • PEGGY ANN THOMPSON, B.A., Program Assistant

Center for Student Involvement

  • FATIMA deCARVALHO, M.S., Assistant Dean for Student Life/Director
  • TBA, Associate Director
  • JULIE FLEMING, M.A., Assistant Director
  • JILLIAN PLOSKONKA, B.A., Program Coordinator, Campus Connections & Student Leadership Programs
  • TBA, Program Coordinator, LGBT Center
  • KEYA BURKS, M.P.A, Program Coordinator, Commuter Programs and Services
  • STEPHANIE WRIGHT, M.A., Leadership Coordinator for Fraternities and Sororities

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • CHRISTOPHER DROST, Ph.D. Associate Director
  • KRISTINE DE JESUS, Psy.D., Psychologist
  • NANCY FRIEDMAN, Psy.D., Psychologis
  • JENNIFER VOGEL-DAVIS, Psy.D., Psychologist
  • SUDHA WADHWANI, Psy.D., Psychologist
  • SUSAN WALKER, Ph.D., Psychologist
  • DEIRDRE NARCISSE, Psy.D. Psychologist
  • BINDI SHAH, D.O., Psychiatrist
  • LISA WEINBERG, Ph.D., Psychologist
  • LISA WESTREICH, L.C.S.W., Case Manager

Dean of Students

  • ROSE MARY HOWELL, Ed.D., Dean of Students
  • MARGAREE COLEMAN-CARTER, M.A., Associate Dean for Student Life
  • TBA, Associate Dean of Students
  • JERRY COLLINS, M.Ed., Director of Student Conduct

Disability Resource Center

  • LINDA SMITH, M.S. Ed., Director
  • MARIE TIZON, M.A., Disability Services Specialist

Educational Opportunity Fund Program

  • DANIEL JEAN, Ed.D., Executive Director of Educational Opportunity Fund and Academic Development
  • BERTHA M. DIGGS, M.A., Associate Director
  • CARMEN REYES-CUEVAS, M.A., Assistant Director
  • DELORES McMORRIN, J.D., Counselor, Coordinator, Legal Studies
  • MELISSA PECORA, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • DORIS V. REAVIS, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • MARIA DE LOURDES TORRES, M.A., M.P.H., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • LORRAINE WHITAKER, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • BARBARA TURNER, M.B.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • REGGIE WALKER, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor

Equity and Diversity Programs/Women's Center

  • ESMILDA ABREU, M.S., Director

Financial Aid

  • JAMES T. ANDERSON, M.S., Director
  • DEEPAK MUNJAL, B.S., Associate Director
  • LUCILA CANDAL-FERNANDEZ, M.A., Associate Director
  • CATHERINE BOSCHER-MURPHY, M.A., Assistant Director
  • KELLEN SMITH, B.A., Assistant Director
  • SUSAN DULANEY, M.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • IFEYINWA OKOBI, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • LESLIE Z. SAMUELS, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • NEHA DARJI, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • STANLEY FILS, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • HOLLY GERA, M.S., Director
  • ROBERT CHESNEY, M.A., Associate Director
  • ANITA KUBICKA, M.S., Assistant Director/Head Softball Coach
  • MICHAEL J. SCALA, B.A., Director, Sports Information
  • STEPHANIE SABALIAUSKAS, M.A., Assistant Director, Sports Information
  • CYNTHIA DORMANN, B.A., Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • CHRISTOPHER KIVLEN, B.S., Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse/Red Hawk Pride Coordinator
  • EDUARDO STAWINSKI, M.Ed., Head Volleyball Coach/Operations Assistant
  • JOHN DAVIS, M.S., Head Athletic Trainer
  • TED FIORE, M.A., Head Coach, Men's Basketball
  • ENRICO GIANCOLA, B.A., Head Coach, Football
  • BETH GOTTUNG, M.A., Head Coach, Field Hockey/Academic Advisor
  • KELSEY WITHROW, B.A., Program Assistant for Compliance
  • PATRICK NAUGHTER, M.A., Head Coach, Women's Soccer/Operations Assistant
  • KARIN HARVEY, M.S., Head Coach, Women's Basketball/Housing Liaison
  • PORSCHA DOBSON, B.A., Head Coach, Women's Track and Field
  • TBA., Head Coach, Men's Track and Field
  • BRIAN McLAUGHLIN, M.Ed., Head Coach, Swimming/Facility Coordinator
  • JOSEPH MULVANEY, B.S., Camp Coordinator/Coach Red Hawk Swim Club
  • RICHARD O'CONNOR, M.A., Assistant Coach, Football
  • NICOL PARCELLUZZI, B.S., Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse/Facility Scheduling Coordinator
  • TARA NICHOLS RIENECKER, M.Ed., Academic Advisor for Athletics
  • JOSEPH SAVOIA, M.S., Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • NORMAN SCHOENIG, B.S., Head Coach, Baseball
  • TODD TUMELY, B.S., Head Coach, Men's Soccer
  • TROY SESSOMS, B.S., Equipment Manager

Residential Education and Services

  • DOMINIC PETRUZZELLI, M.S., Executive Director
  • JEANINE STROH, M.A., Associate Director of Housing
  • MARIO RAPETTI, M.A., Associate Director of Residential Education
  • THERESA GIARDINO, B.A., Assistant Director of Facilities
  • KEVIN SCHAFER, M.A., Assistant Director of Housing Assignments
  • CORI CARFAGNO, M.S., Assistant Director of Residential Education
  • TARA MELLOR, M.A., Assistant Director of Residential Education
  • MALINI SOM, M.A., Housing Services Coordinator
  • RENEE GRANT, M.A., Housing Assignments Coordinator
  • LESLIE FRISCHBERG, M.A., Dinallo Heights Community Director
  • NATE PARSELL, M.A., Machuga Heights Community Director
  • DONNA-LEE MAHABEER, M.A., Bohn Hall Community Director
  • LORI ANN TROISE, M.A., Sinatra Hall Community Director
  • THEA DYER, M.Ed., Hawk Crossings Community Director
  • ANTHONY GINEXI, M.A., The Village Community Director
  • MARICIA HUGHES, M.A., Freeman/Russ Community Director
  • VAUGHN MCENOUGH, B.S., Bohn Hall Assistant Community Director
  • SADE RANDALL, B.A., The Village Assistant Community Director
  • ANDREW LIGNELLI, B.A., The Heights Assistant Community Director
  • GRACE JABLON, B.A., Technical Project Specialist
  • CLAIRE LICHACK, B.S., Housing Application Developer

Student Academic Services

  • ALLYSON STRAKER-BANKS, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Student Academic Services
  • TARA MORLANDO ZURLO, M.A., Director of Academic Success and Retention Programs
  • RASHIDA BATTE-BOWDEN, M.A., Academic Advisor

Student Center

  • MARGAREE COLEMAN-CARTER, M.A., Associate Dean for Student Life
  • FATIMA deCARVALHO, M.S., Assistant Dean for Student Life
  • MARSHA CAMPBELL-YOUNG, B.S., Associate Director for Student Center Programming
  • SONJA TILLMAN, B.A., Program Assistant for Student Center Desk Operations

University Health Center

  • DONNA BARRY, APN, FN-CSA, Director
  • SUSAN GRAZIANO, APN, Assistant Director

University Police

  • PAUL CELL, B.S., Chief
  • BOYD LYONS, Captain
  • KEIRAN BARRETT, M.A., Lieutenant
  • PAUL GIARDINO, Lieutenant
  • BARBARA GIULIANO, Lieutenant
  • HARRY McKENZIE, Lieutenant
  • DERRICK BYRD, Sergeant
  • LEE CASTRO, B.S., Sergeant
  • TIMOTHY FOX, B.S., Sergeant
  • JANINE JAKUBAS, B.S., Sergeant
  • JAMES LOCILENTO, B.S. Sergeant
  • CARLOS O. ORTIZ, Sergeant
  • RANDY PADULA, Sergeant