Side closeup of 8 laptops

Checking the Status of Assigned Hardware Equipment

To find out when your device(s) is due for a replacement, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log Into ServiceNow Self-Service using your NetID and password
  2. Click on Equipment Information under the IT Information header
  3. Select Check Equipment Status
  4. Your name should appear under the Client line.
    1. If your name does not appear click on the magnifying glass
  5. Click on the magnifying glass next to equipment and a list of leased and some purchased equipment assigned to you will appear.
  6. Select the equipment under Asset Tag that you would like to review and it will then populate the information on the page.
  7. The Expiration date will show the date that the equipment is due for replacement.

Please Note:  If you do not have any equipment assigned to you, it is possible that Information Technology has not assigned or it was purchased by your department and has not made its way to us.  I this is the case, please select Search All Equipment and type the serial number, and press Enter on your keyboard.  Otherwise, please contact the IT Service Desk to alert them and we will look up the expiration for you and update our files

If Your Device is Due for Replacement

The IT Service Desk or your local technology team will reach out to you. Please Note: We have extended all leases acquired before May 2021 by 12 months to fit the new 60-months lifecycle and have moved to a purchase program.