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Printers and Sharp (MFD) Devices for Faculty and Staff

As a Faculty or Staff member, you have the ability to print to networked printers or Sharp Multifunctional Devices that are located in your department. In order to provide the best support, the Information Technology Division and the local academic technology units support printing across campus. We support these devices by configuring the network capable devices to a managed print server.

HP Printer Installation and Support


The University utilizes the Papercut application to managed networked printers and Sharp devices across campus.  In Winter 2022, we have enabled Print Deploy, which allows Papercut to handle all printer related access and printer traffic, regardless of OS updates.

HP Printers

Deleting a Printer

Please use the directions below to learn how to delete printers from your computer.

Buying a HP Printer

Montclair State University has standardized and supports HP products across campus. Through our relationship with MRA International, we have set up a PeopleSoft punchout in order for you to order approved printer configurations. For the latest approved models, please log into PeopleSoft and click on the MRA International punch out.

Please Note: Due to conflicts with wireless networks, we do not allow wireless printers on campus.

Contact Jonathan Aquadro, Inside Sales Representative
MRA International

Sharp MFD Printer Installation and Support

As of January 2018, Montclair State University has entered into a contract for the leasing of 115 Multi-functional Devices (MFD).

In order to access your Sharp device, you must either present your MSU ID Card or enter your NetID on the keyboard. Logging in identifies you to PaperCut which monitors printing metrics and places them into the correct department account.

Sharp Help Desk

Business Hours Support (8am-5pm)

For technical support of your copier, please contact 973-655-4329 and select Option 4 to reach the Sharp Help Desk. You can also reach out to them by emailing

When calling, please reference the Sharp Device ID number that will be located on the front of the device. ex. J0001

If a tech cannot walk you through the issue over the phone, someone will come onsite to resolve the problem. As per our contract with the State of New Jersey, Sharp will provide onsite tech support within 4 hour business hours, Monday-Friday.

For software support, login issues and printer installations, please contact the IT Service Desk at extension 7971 or your local academic technology team.

After Hours Support

Our Sharp contract does not provide support after 5pm. If you are experiencing issues logging into the device, please contact the IT Service Desk at extension 973-655-7971, option 1 otherwise all technical issues will need to be called or emailed to Sharp. IT Service Desk Support Hours

Accessing the Multi-functional Device (MFD)

Devices are assigned to specific departments and each department gains access by their HR group. If you need to gain access for someone outside of your HR Group, your custodian will need to add them in. For a listing of custodians, please contact the IT Service Desk at extension 973-655-7971 or your local academic technology team.

Documentation & Guides

Buying a Sharp MFD Printer

We have standardized on the Sharp Multi-functional Device (copy, fax, scan) and have over 115 units across campus. If you would like to acquire a new Sharp, please complete the form to Request a Sharp device. All Sharps have a 48-month lease pricing and come standard with 11×17 paper option, fax expansion kit, inner finisher and data security kit and etc.

All models include one-time costs in order to manage the device properly.

Item Description Cost
USB Reader All devices are equipped with a USB Reader to allow for easy authentication to the device $177.86
PaperCut License The Sharp OSA license that allows the MFD to interact with PaperCut. Covers 4 year warranty $300.00

Printer Disposal

To dispose of printers and faxes please contact the Facilities Service Desk at 973-655-5444 or open a work order.