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Develop a Career Plan!

On-Campus Employment, Upcoming Career Events and Job Opportunities…more!

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It’s never too early to plan for your career after college. Career Services provides the resources to help you enhance your professional skills, network with employers and industry experts and develop a strategy.


  • Start by asking yourself the following questions: What do I love to do? What activity makes me lose track of time and feel most like myself? What am I looking for in a work environment? Which of my skills do I enjoy enough that they could become part of my career?
  • Need a little help getting started? Take our Focus-2 Assessment!


  • After learning more about your skills and interests, the next step is to explore career paths that align with your assessment results. Explore links between majors and career, research occupations and conduct informational interviews.

Reflect and Set Goals

  • Think about what you have learned about yourself and your potential career paths. Plan several “try-out” experiences: volunteer in work environments similar to those that you are interested in; complete a credit-bearing internship through your department or the cooperative education program, find a part-time job and try to identify a possible mentor.


  • Embrace the “try-out” experience and use this opportunity to build your network. Create a marketable resume and start preparing for interviews.

Assess (Again!)

  • Pay attention to how you feel in your try-out experience. Reflect on your accomplishments or failures. Remember, any step forward is an accomplishment. If you discover that the path you have chosen does not quite fit, you may need to change gears and pivot in a different direction.

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Did you Know?

According to a 2022 Student Survey conducted by The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) utilizing Career Services is directly tied to more job offers and more paid internships.more competitive job offers and paid internships. Additionally, students who work with their career center to find an internship are more likely to score a paid internship offer.

Your success is important to us! Our goal is to provide the resources to help you enhance your professional skills, network with employers and industry experts and develop a strategy to search for a job or internship. Learn more about what we can do for you by visiting our website!

Upcoming Career Workshops and Events

CEHS Interviewing Skills Workshop
Whether you are new to the interview process or just want to brush up on your skills, this workshop is for you! We will discuss how to prepare for an interview and what to expect once you’re there. We also cover some of the most commonly asked interview questions and participants will learn how to respond to behavioral interview questions using the STAR technique.

Monday, May 1, 2-3 p.m., University Hall, Suite 3102.

FSHD 409 Internship Information Session for Fall 2023 
For Family Services students planning to complete your required FSHD 409 Internship in Fall 2023. Please join us and learn more about the internship process and deadlines.

Wednesday, May 3, 3-4 p.m., Online.

CEHS Resume Writing Workshop
Your resume is the first impression a potential employer will have of you. Learn how to make your resume stand out! Our workshop will teach you how to write and format your resume, tailoring it to fit the internship or job you are applying for. This workshop is helpful whether you are looking to write your first resume or want to improve your existing one.

Thursday, May 4, 1-2 p.m., University Hall, Suite 3102.

How Can Micro-Internships Help You Gain A Competitive Edge?
Micro-internships offer a paid, flexible and low-risk way to explore different industries and job functions, while also enhancing your resume and skills. To learn more about micro-internships and how they can benefit your career, please sign up for our workshop!

Wednesday, May 10, 12-1 p.m., Online Event.

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On-Campus Employement

What is the Post-Graduation Survey?

Eligible Survey Respondents: Class of 2023 (August 2022, January 2023, May 2023)

For each graduating class, Montclair State University administers the post-graduation survey to collect feedback about students’ experiences while studying at Montclair State as well as their post-graduation plans. Students who are graduating with an undergraduate or graduate degree as well as certificate and certification completers will receive the survey about six weeks prior to graduation!

Accessing the Survey: Please enter your NetID and password to complete the survey.

The information you share in the survey is invaluable. It helps us learn about our graduating students’ successes and ensure that we are offering the best education possible aligned with our students’ goals. Some of the information we seek to identify is:

  • How prepared students feel to enter the workforce.
  • Number of students who are employed, along with the name of their employer, position and salary.
  • Number of students continuing their education after graduation, where and in what field.
  • Number of students still seeking employment or researching continued education programs.
  • Information on other post-graduation plans.
  • Level of satisfaction with program of study as well as career and academic advising at Montclair.

What Is Digital Badging through Experience Montclair?

Experience Montclair is a student engagement platform that awards you digital badging as you progress through activities, events and workshops. The University as a whole has several badges students can complete. For career services, we offer students the Career and Professional Development Badge.

Each career activity for the badge is designed to help develop skills and tools needed to succeed when entering the professional world. Students who complete four of the achievements included in the Badge will also have the opportunity to join Career Services for a year-end celebration! Experience Montclair can be accessed via the Suitable app in any of the following ways:

  • Log in to NEST with your NetID and password. Scroll to Experience Montclair & click on the link. (If the “Ellucian” page pops up, wait a few minutes until it redirects to
  • Log in with your and password. Make sure to use, not
  • By downloading the Suitable App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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