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Communication Studies Minor

You love working with people and can’t imagine a career without interpersonal connection and media tools. The Communication Studies Minor is a valuable complement to any Major for students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Communications Studies (Minor): The Big Picture

The Communication Studies Minor provides an overview of communication as a discipline with the intent of preparing students to become well-rounded, effective communicators.  Students explore concepts and practice skills pertaining to public presentation, listening, persuasion, relationship-building, nonverbal communication, group dynamics, and social and digital media.  The goal of the program is to help students develop and hone abilities that will allow them to succeed in any type of professional setting.

What You Will Study

The Communication Studies Minor curriculum comprises 18 credits (3 cr. per course) including three common-core requirements and a choice of three electives. The program begins with a three-course sequence through which you will:

  • explore the history, key figures and issues in the evolution of communication and media;
  • develop writing skills for a range of different media platforms, audiences, and purposes;
  • understand how to apply theory and concepts to critique media texts, industries, and practices.

Following this sequence you will choose among courses which focus on speech improvement, the role of media in society, principles of public relations and intercultural communication, along with the function of communication and group process in organizational settings.

Communication Studies Minor – Curriculum

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Program Coordinator: Joel Penney