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Core Curriculum

All undergraduate students majoring in the School of Communication and Media share elements of a core curriculum. The core curriculum provides a foundation that applies to all communication and media disciplines.

The introductory course of the sequence examines the critical role and impact that media has on the convergence of all types of communication.  The next course introduces the major theoretical perspectives and debates used in media criticism today.  Media-writing experiences include news packaging, documentary and fiction narrative, press releases, speech writing as well as content development for Web pages, blogs, public service announcements and advertisements.

The core curriculum also offers a unique opportunity to conduct research and fieldwork and design and implement a “transmedia” project. The Colloquium Series will prepare you for the challenges of professional life and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas with invited professionals in communication and media industries.

The School’s core curriculum includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to Communication and Media (3 cr)
  • Theorizing Communication and Media (3 cr)
  • Writing for the Media (3 cr)
  • Transmedia Projects (3 cr)
  • Colloquium Series (0 cr)

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