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Communication and Media Studies

Communication and Media Studies (BA): The Big Picture
Right now, our lives are being transformed by emerging technologies and an increasingly connected world. Those who have the knowledge and skills for effective communication are the ones who are driving the future of professional and cultural life. The Communication and Media Studies program is ideal for students who want the freedom to explore a variety of communication topics by choosing courses from an expansive menu that includes courses from across the School of Communication and Media. The breadth and adaptability of this program prepares its majors with the skills necessary to be adept, versatile, and highly employable communicators in an extensive range of careers.
“My experience in the program allowed me to truly explore my horizons and discover my passions. While having the opportunity to take a wide array of courses I was able to explore possible career paths such as journalism, public relations, audio production, and film. Through the guidance of my professors and advisors, I was able to realize my passion. From starting the program with no clue of what I truly wanted to do in the field of communication and media, I stepped out of the program confident and ready for the next steps in my career.”
~ Brianna Cortez, B.A. 2020
What You Will Study

The Communication and Media Studies curriculum is comprised of 120 credits (3 cr. per course) and includes four areas:

  1. Communication and Media Studies major requirements and electives
  2. Common-Core School Curriculum
  3. General education courses
  4. Free electives – exploration of additional areas of interest; or inclusion of a Minor

The program includes additional opportunities for internships as well as participation in other student clubs and projects:

  • Recent graduates completed internships at: Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., Concepts TV Productions, Inc., iHeartMedia, Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show, Tristar Products, Inc, truTV / Time Warner, Tommy Hilfiger, USA, Coca Cola, Sony Electronics, People Magazine, and the New Jersey Judiciary Court System
  • Co-curricular opportunities: Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society; the SCM Research Collaboratory; Hawk Communications; WMSC; The Montclarion
Careers in Communication and Media Arts
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a very positive outlook for careers in Communication and Media, particularly in the New Jersey and broader New York metropolitan areas.  Opportunities exist in virtually every industry.

Traditional Careers

  • Press Information Officer
  • Production Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Director of Media Relations
  • Radio/TV Announcer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • News/Speech/Script Writer
  • Documentary Producer
  • Newscaster
  • Market Researcher
  • Executive Coach
  • Photojournalist
  • Sportscaster
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Media Critic
  • Political Campaign Director
  • Talk-Show Host
  • Writer/Editor
  • Publicity Manager
  • News Analyst/Correspondent
  • Issues/Crisis Manager
  • Health Projects Communications Director

Emerging Careers

  • Digital Content Producer
  • Campaign Coordinator
  • Online Video Content Creator
  • Virtual Communities Analyst
  • Mobile Platform Analyst
  • Multimedia Designer/Producer
  • Multi-Platform Branding Specialist
  • Multimedia Journalist/Writer
  • Social Media Marketing Researcher
  • Multimedia Planner/Buyer
  • Global Brand Communications Manager
  • New Media Communication Designer
  • Content Specialists (e.g. bloggers)
  • Multi-Channel Advertiser/Marketer
  • Online Customer Service Technician
  • Copywriter for Social Media
  • Emerging Media Strategist
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Media Manager/Director
  • Media Search Analyst
  • Digital Advocate
  • Global Field Communications Manager

Additional Information

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