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Sports Communication

There are a host of professionals who contribute to your experience of “watching the game.” Reporters, producers, commentators, camera operators… Whether behind the camera or speaking out in front, many have been trained as sports media journalists.

Sports Communication: The Big Picture

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sports Communication exposes you to diverse careers in the ever-changing, fast-paced industry of sports media while preparing you as a writer, producer, and director of dynamic media content. And you’ll do this in state-of-the-art facilities, enabling you to learn on equipment used in the industry today. The major delivers hands-on experience in sports media production and storytelling, from broadcast content, analytics, play-by-play opportunities, radio and digital news writing, to public relations and social media — done in partnership with Red Hawk athletics and broadcast via our own Red Hawk Sports Network. With deep professional contacts, and as the academic partner of NYC’s annual Sports Public Relations Summit, the program offers internships with major sports media organizations and professional teams.

Corey Annan

“Being a student in the program has allowed me to understand sports from a storytelling and media production standpoint. I have been learning from experienced media professionals who have patiently developed my skills as a journalist. Through my classes, I have grown in all facets of sports media including print/digital journalism, social media, and video journalism.  In my opinion, what separates the sports media program at Montclair State compared to other schools is the number of opportunities you have to grow your media portfolio through extracurricular clubs. Over the last few years, I’ve produced content for the Red Hawk Sports Network and our student-run newspaper, The Montclarion. Both organizations have given me real-work experience in an extremely competitive field. Because of my work within the major, I recently earned an editorial internship at Sports Illustrated, an opportunity that I’ve been dreaming about for years. If it weren’t for the help of my fellow students, professors, and advisors within the Sports Media program, I wouldn’t be in this position.”
~ Corey Annan, class of 2022

What You Will Study

By following the Sports Communication curriculum, you will become familiar with the inner workings of the television studio, remote truck, plus key techniques of sports writing and reporting. You will have the opportunity to select elective courses from throughout the School of Communication and Media curricula, including those in Communication and Filmmaking.

Students are required to complete 120 credits to earn the BA degree. The program includes five required areas of study:

  1. Major Requirements — These courses include, Sports Media and Society, Introduction to Control Room/Studio, Introduction to Field Production/Editing, Cross-Platform Sports Writing and Reporting, Sports Production for TV, Radio and Internet, TV Practicum and Multimedia News Production
  2. Common-Core School Curriculum — a broad foundation for understanding all communication and media disciplines (required of all students in the School of Communication and Media)
  3. General Education Courses — exploration of studies that provide a liberal arts education, including writing, humanities, math, natural science, world language, computer science, physical education and social science (required of all Montclair State students pursuing a BA).
  4. Major Electives — The student completes additional courses from throughout the TVDM, Communication Studies and Film programs, plus options for journalism-related courses from the English Department.
  5. Free Electives — Students select courses in areas of interest outside the School of Communication and Media, including the possibility of a minor area of study

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Careers in Sports Media and Journalism

Opportunities for employment are considerable in the media industry. Below is a sampling of career titles related to the profession:

  • Sports Reporter
  • Sports Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Video Editor
  • Camera Operator
  • Writer/Editor
  • Digital Content Producer
  • Multi-media Journalist
  • Documentary Producer
  • Photojournalist
  • Social Media Producer

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