Graduate Involvement

The Graduate Council is the primary all-University advisory body responsible for review of policy and curriculum for The The Graduate School. Its decisions and recommendations are made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Graduate Council:

  • Reviews and makes recommendations about new graduate programs and revisions in existing graduate programs.
  • Initiates discussion on and reacts to any and all matters affecting graduate faculty, students, and programs.
  • Recommends general graduate admission requirements and guidelines for admission to specific graduate programs.
  • Recommends guidelines for the admission of faculty to graduate faculty status

The Graduate Council membership consists of faculty and graduate students. Faculty and students are elected or appointed by the six Colleges/Schools of the University.

The The Graduate School offers graduate workshops annually. Seminars are offered on interesting topics that may also serve to enhance students’ graduate school experience. Workshops may be offered through an ongoing series or a day-long conference, and students are encouraged to suggest topics that are of interest to them. Topics may address academic, professional, and personal development. To find out more about the workshops or to make suggestions on topics, please contact

The Graduate Student Organization serves to provide guidance and direction for the graduate student community by advocting issues of concrn; providing assistance to undergarduate students regarding graduate student life; and sponsoring social activities and other events to foster the development of the graduate student community as a whole. This organization provides a forum for discussion of issues pertinent to the well being of graduate students at MSU and serves as a liaison between the graduate student body and the administraton to encourage communication and cooperation throughout the MSU community.
There are opportunities for anyone to get involved, whether you have a lot or a little time to give, whether you are a part time or full time student, and regardless of your program.
If you are interested in learing more about the GSO, send an email message to