Telecom: Desktop Phone Conference Call Guide

Conducting a Desktop Phone Conference Call.

“Host may add up to (6) callers.

Diagram of avaya phone

To add another party to a phone call

Press [CONF]
Dial extension or 9 + number**
Press JOIN
Press ADD to add the next person to the conference call
Repeat to add additional parties
**If no answer or busy, press the call appearance button to return to holding party. If more than five attendees are required, please request a conference call through

To add a call on hold to the conference call

Press CONF or ADD
Select the call on hold that you want to add
Press Join to add the person to the conference call

To drop the last party added

From the phone screen, select your active call
Press DROP
Note: This is important if you add a call that goes to a person’s voicemail or is busy.