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Prescription Coverage

All covered employees must have access to prescription drug coverage. The type of prescription coverage provided and costs are determined by the option offered by your employer and the medical plan you select.

Prescription Coverage Eligibility for Dependents

Dependents of Employees may be eligible for prescription coverage if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Legal spouse
  • Same-sex domestic partner or civil union partner
  • Eligible children under age 26 (including stepchildren, foster children, adopted children or children an employee is legally required to support)

When Prescription Coverage Begins

Employee Type Coverage Example
10-Month Faculty hired 9/1 Benefits (medical, prescription, dental) effective 9/1 Ex: Faculty hired 9/1, benefits effective 9/1
12-Month Faculty hired 9/1 or after,
Regular Full-Time Staff
Benefits (medical, prescription, dental) effective 60 days from hire date Ex: Faculty/Staff hired 10/1, benefits effective 12/1
10/12-Month, Temporary, Part-Time Staff

*ACA eligible – working 30 hours per week within the first 2 months of employment

*Benefits (medical, prescription) if eligible, effective 60 days from hire/eligibility date Ex: 10/12-Month, Temporary, Part-Time Staff hired 8/5, benefits effective 10/5 (if eligible)

Prescription Coverage Overview

  • Administered by OptumRx
  • Access to thousands of retail locations
  • Most pharmacies in New Jersey participate
  • Prescription copayments determined by the health plan selected

Prescription Coverage Additional Information

For more information about any participating plan, speak with a plan representative. Contact information can be found on the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits Plan Contacts page.