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AFT Professional Staff – Performance-Based Promotion

University Policy on AFT Performance-Based Promotions

The Collective Negotiated Agreement provides for two promotion processes for Professional Staff employees and one reclassification process. Reclassification is a process whereby employees may be moved to a higher job title and salary when their responsibilities in their current position have subsequently changed. A Structural Promotion occurs when an individual is promoted to a newly created or vacant higher-level position. A Performance-Based Promotion is recognition of exceptional performance in an individual’s current title, qualifying them for advancement to the next higher title in the employee’s title series. The University has established the following criteria for Performance-Based Promotions:

  • Consistently excellent performance in the full range of the individual’s professional responsibilities;
  • Extraordinary and measurable accomplishments/outcomes of a specific nature related to the individual’s responsibilities in his/her work unit in support of the achievement of the overall goals of the University; and
  • Significant contributions to building an effective work environment that strengthens teamwork, mentors and supports colleagues, and achieves a service-oriented approach to the work of the unit.

The assessment of a candidate’s application for a performance-based promotion takes into consideration the unique responsibilities of the employee and his/her overall contributions related to the criteria. The amount of time candidates may have in their current positions is also considered in relationship to the scope of the candidates’ accomplishments. For example, one candidate may present a record of consistently excellent performance over a long period of time, and another candidate may present one or more truly extraordinary accomplishments over a short period of time. Both candidates may qualify, but for different reasons based on the nature of their positions and the quality and importance of their contributions to the University.

AFT Performance-Based Promotion Schedule

October 20, 2023
Application Forms Available on the Human Resources Website
January 26, 2024
Application Due
April 12, 2024
Determination Notice to the Professional Staff Member
July 1, 2024
Effective Date of the Performance-Based Promotion (if granted)

AFT Performance-Based Promotion Application

AFT Professional Staff who wish to apply for a performance-based promotion should complete and email the AFT Performance Based Promotion Application for Fiscal Year 2024 with supporting documentation to