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AFT Professional Staff – Performance-Based Promotion

University Policy on AFT Performance-Based Promotions

The University has established the following criteria for selection of successful candidates for performance-based promotion for professional staff. An applicant for a performance-based promotion must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Excellent performance in the full range of the individual’s professional responsibilities over a significant period of time.*
  2. Extraordinary and measurable accomplishments/outcomes of a specific nature related to the individual’s responsibilities in his/her work unit in support of the achievement of the overall goals of the University.
  3. Significant contributions to building an effective work environment that strengthens teamwork, mentors/coaches and support colleagues, and achieves a service-oriented approach to the work of the unit and for the University.

* Significant amount of time is 10 years or more

Applications for performance-based promotions for professional staff shall be evaluated by the applicant’s immediate supervisor. The University recognizes the value of peer input and therefore, the applicant may include, as a part of their promotion packet, recommendations from peers and/or others who are familiar with their work. The University President shall determine the successful candidates from among the applicants.

AFT Performance-Based Promotion Schedule

November 8, 2019
Application Forms Available on the Human Resources Website
January 15, 2020
Application Submitted by the Professional Staff Member to the Human Resources for review and submission to President
April 10, 2020
Notification by the President to the Professional Staff Member
July 1, 2020
Effective Date of the Performance-Based Promotion

View more information about AFT Performance-Based Promotion procedures.

AFT Performance-Based Promotion Application

AFT Professional Staff who wish to apply for a performance-based promotion should complete and submit the AFT Performance-Based Promotion Application for Fiscal Year 2020.