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Performance Management FAQ’s


Civil Service PAR

Q. Does the employee get notified that the process has begun?

      A. Yes.

Q. What does the guide me button do?

      A. Changes the way you view the template. It allows you to view each section on an individual page and click through each section.

 Q. Can we add information throughout the year?

      A. No, the Managerial and Professional template must be initiated first.

Q. Can managers review the performance reviews on their profile?

      A. Yes.

Q. What is the timeline for the reviews?

      A. Jan 6 begins / Jan 31st deadline – Initial.

Performance Management Managerial

 Q. Will previous reviews be available?

        A. No, only reviews initiated after January 6, 2020 will be available in Workday.

Q. Can employees see where it is in the process and what will they see?

        A. Employees will not be able to see the review until Division VP completes. They will receive Workday notifications as the review moves through the process.

Q. Will we be notified when the letter is ready?

        A. Yes.

Professional Staff

Q.  Will we be able to see the review when the Division Vice President completes the review?

        A. Yes. After the VP acknowledges their step a copy of the review becomes available to the employee.

Q. Does a manager have access to all staff reviews?

       A. Yes.

Q. Would they see it in the performance worklet?

      A. Yes.

Q. Will there be a document that says you have access to a team performance worklet and what to do with it?

      A. Yes. A communication will be shared with managers regarding the team performance worklet.

Q. Will there be a document/report that states what stage in the process the review is in?

      A. Yes. There is a report called “Employee Performance Review Status Summary” that gives data regarding all reviews and where they are in the process.

Q. Can managers edit your self-evaluation?

      A. No.

Q. When you submit can you go back to edit?

      A. No. The supervisor will have to send it back. Reach out to your supervisor.

Q. Do the notes stay in the template when the send back function is selected?

      A. Yes.

Q. How will both of my managers (if a dotted line reporting structure exists) know that it’s time to review?

      A. Employee and/or Immediate Supervisor must request the assessment from the additional manager to be loaded in workday.

Q. When you are not recommended does it still go all the way up the chain?

      A. Yes.

Q. I acknowledged without comments; Can the comment box be removed?

      A. No.

Q.  Will the employee keep getting notifications if the manager or others up the chain have completed their piece?

      A. Yes.

Q.  Can HR send back the task if that is requested by the employee?

      A. This depends on where the review is in the process.

Q.  What happens if the letter from the University President is incorrect?

      A. HR will make adjustments. Please contact performance@montclair.edu.