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I-9 Employment Verification

Important: Under no circumstance may a new hire start working for Montclair State University (MSU) until they complete an I-9 Employment Verification form (I-9) with MSU’s Human Resources. If your new hire completed an I-9 with MSU’s Human Resources within the last three (3) years, they may be eligible to use the I-9 that is currently on file. To confirm your new hire needs to complete a new I-9, please contact hr@montclair.edu .

Per the above:

  • No new hire can be entered in Workday without completing an I-9.
  • All re-hires that previously worked for MSU and completed their most recent I-9 three (3) or more years prior to their re-hire date must complete a new I-9 and may not be entered in Workday without completing a new I-9.
  • If a re-hire completed their original I-9 less than three (3) years prior to their re-hire date, they may not have to complete a new I-9 form. Please contact hr@montclair.edu to confirm if your re-hire needs to complete a new I-9.

All I-9’s are processed in Human Resources. Please refer employees to the HR website for I-9 information and for how to schedule an appointment to complete an I-9.

I-9 completion does not send any information to Workday. Once the I-9 is completed, the new hire and Department will receive a confirmation email from hr@montclair.edu. This email indicates the department may enter the new hire in Workday.

I-9 List of Acceptable Documents (PDF)