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Employee Separations or Resignations

As the supervisor of an exiting employee, you are integral to ensuring a smooth separation process for your employee.  A smooth and easy process increases Montclair State University’s reputation as a good place to work and helps attract key talent for you and the University.

Steps for Successful Employee Separation or Resignation

  1. Terminate employee in Workday: The process begins by terminating the employee in Workday.
  2. Notification: Forward the employee’s letter of resignation or retirement to hr@montclair.edu within two days of the employee informing you of their intent to leave the University,
  3. University property: As the supervisor of an exiting employee, you may receive emails about outstanding property. Please assist these departments in the timely return of University property.
  4. Replacement planning: Before you decide to replace the exiting employee, work with your leadership and Human Resources to determine your department’s talent planning needs. There are four options:
    1. Refill the current position
    2. Modify the position
    3. Eliminate the position
    4. Move the position to another department or division

    When considering these options, some important items to consider include:

    1. Who will cover the work done by the exiting employee?
    2. What is the plan for transfer of knowledge before the employee exits?
    3. If you are not eliminating the position, is the source of funding changing?
    4. Do you need a temp to help with workload until a replacement is found?
    5. Will you be replacing this person? Will you need assistance from Talent Acquisition and/or a search committee?
    6. Is there a person in your department that would be qualified to fill the position, creating a potential promotion?
    7. Prior to starting a new search, review the job description for any changes, being mindful of any “required” qualifications that might limit your search of qualified candidates. Many of these can be changed to “preferred.”
    8. Review hiring guidelines on the Human Resources website.