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Transfer from a State Employer

Medical, Prescription, and Dental Benefits

Employees transferring from a State employer will not have a lapse in medical, prescription, and dental benefits. Coverage with your previous State employer will end on the last day of the month in which you terminate. Employees coverage will begin under Montclair State University the first of the following month ex: last day with previous employer is on the 10th, benefits will end on the 30th or 31st. Benefits will begin with Montclair State University on the 1st of the new month).

Retirement Systems

Public Employees’ Retirement System

If an employee who is participating in Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) accepts a PERS-eligible position at Montclair State University, he or she will remain in PERS and will continue to contribute to that retirement system. Previous months contributing to PERS will apply towards the 10-year vesting period. A Report of Transfer Form must be completed and submitted to HR-Benefits.

If an employee who is participating in PERS accepts an ABP-eligible position at Montclair State University, he or she will have the one-time option to remain in PERS or transfer to the ABP retirement system within 30 days of hire. Individuals who fall into this category should advise HR-Benefits in order for information to be shared to help aid in this decision. If an employee accepts an ABP-eligible position and decides to remain in PERS, the employee must sign an ABP Participation Waiver.

PERS/ABP Comparison Chart

Alternate Benefit Program (ABP)

If an employee who is participating in ABP accepts an eligible position at Montclair State University, he or she will remain in the ABP retirement system.

Teacher’s Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF)

Montclair State University does not participate in TPAF however this is pension is eligible to be transferred into the Public Employee’s Retirement System (PERS).

What You Need to Do:

  1. Advise your HR-Benefits you are transferring from a State Employer.
  2. Advise your HR-Benefits of what Retirement system you are currently enrolled.
  3. Employees who are transferring to or from another NJ State employer should contact the NJ Division of Pensions and Benefits at 609-292-7524 to determine if they may transfer without a break in service.
  4. Once the employees have confirmed their eligibility, a letter from the former state employer must be provided to the Human Resources Department noting the former position, hire date, and termination date.

Paid Time Off

Transferring Sick Time Accrual Date from another State Employer

Transferring from a New Jersey state employer without a break in service, you may be eligible to transfer your sick time. For more details, please contact Payroll at