Panjak Lal in class with students

Hiring an Adjunct

Note: These steps have been updated to reflect the new Workday Recruiting process.

All Adjuncts are hired by departments directly in Workday.

Prior to starting the Workday process, the hiring department should have received the following documents:

  • I-9 Verification Completion Receipt from Human Resources
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Original transcript (copy sent to Provost)
  • Resume
  • Application and Qualification Form
  • Dean’s Offer Letter

Information on how to add an Adjunct in Workday can be found in “How to Process a Hire – Adjuncts, Student Workers and Temporary Employees” within the Hiring: Adjuncts, Student Workers and Temporary Employees 

In the event you need Human Resources to advertise/post an Adjunct opening, the Create a Job Requisition for Adjuncts and Temporary Employees process should be used. A new position should not be created for this type of opening. Prior to initiating this process, verify that funding is available for the opening by contacting the Office of Budget and Planning.

In the event you need to revise the employment terms for an Adjunct, please review these Workday Process documents:

If you have any questions, please contact the Workday Service Desk ‌at: 973-655-5000 (Option 3) or email