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Tuition Waivers

Applications for Tuition Waivers/Reimbursements are processed in accordance with the provisions in the NJ State Agreements with the various bargaining units and in accordance with the Montclair State University policies.

Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement Deadlines

Fall Semester
August 17, 2021
Winter Session*
December 6, 2021
Spring Semester
January 10, 2022
Summer Sessions
May 15, 2022

*Winter Sessions – Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement is applicable to employees, not dependents.

All applications MUST be submitted via Workday. Please be aware and there are no exceptions for late submissions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits team at

Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement Policies

Instructions for submitting Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement applications in in Workday

Expense Report Instructions for Reimbursement (PDF)

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