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Labor & Employee Relations

Mission Statement

Labor and Employee Relations provides the necessary resources to assist University personnel with navigating the various labor employment agreements, employment policies, and procedures which help drive the success of the human capital experience at Montclair State University. The goal of Labor and Employee Relations is to promote a harmonious work environment where all employees are able to succeed and thrive professionally while preserving the University’s core values and mission. The Labor and Employee Relations team uses a proactive approach to focus on the amicable resolution of disputes and professional development.

The Labor and Employee Relations team is committed to enhancing the relationship between employer and employee through collaboration and guidance to collectively further the Montclair State University mission.

There are approximately 3,500 represented employees at Montclair State University whose terms and conditions of employment are governed by collectively negotiated agreements.

We Can Help With

  • Collective Negotiated Agreement Interpretation
  • Discipline Issues
  • Grievance Issues
  • Work Performance Issues
  • Employee Conduct
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Photo of Carly Hamilton, Director of Labor Relations

Carly Hamilton

Director of Labor Relations
Division of Human Resources
Overlook Corporate Center, 3rd Floor