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Qualifying Life Event

A Qualifying Life Event is a life change that can make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, allowing you to make certain changes to your health insurance outside the yearly Open Enrollment Period. Life Event changes must be submitted in Benefitsolver within 60 days of the Life Event.

The New Jersey Division of Pension and Benefits (NJDPB) site is accessed through your MyNewJersey portal account and is called Benefitsolver. Benefitsolver is the online portal you access to complete your SHBP health applications online. Employees can enroll, make changes and upload their documentation directly through the Benefitsolver portal.

Birth or Adoption

As a result of your change in family status, you may wish to review the different options offered by MSU.

Change Name or Address Information 

Update your information to ensure your records are up to date and accurate.

Change in Employment Status

When you maintain your employment at MSU but change your employment status, your benefits may be affected. Click here to learn more about different options that will aid you in this transition.

Death of an Active Employee

Upon the death of an employee the employee’s family should notify their department or HR at 973-655-7736 of the death.

Death of a Family Member

Certain benefits may be affected by the death of a spouse/same-sex domestic or civil union partner, or child.

Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Union/Same-Sex Domestic Partnership

Changes to records and benefit coverage levels may be appropriate as a result of your divorce or dissolution of a civil union/same-sex domestic partnership.

Drop Coverage on Demand

Employees who no longer wish to be covered under the SHBP may drop their coverage at any point throughout the year.

Gains Coverage Elsewhere

If you have recently gained coverage elsewhere, you may wish to drop your health benefits with MSU.

Marriage or Civil Union/Same-Sex Domestic Partnership

Changes to records and benefit coverage levels may be necessary as a result of your marriage or establishment of a civil union/same-sex domestic partnership.

Leave Of Absence

This information is provided to inform you of medical or family leaves of absence or other university leaves of absence that may be available to you. The information about your benefits while you are on a leave of absence without salary is also provided

Loses Coverage Elsewhere

If you have recently lost your coverage elsewhere, you may wish to enroll in the health benefits offered by MSU.


The Retirement information is provided for employees considering retirement within the next six months. This information is an overview of the benefits available to you upon retirement including the steps to follow to help you make a smooth transition from active employment to retirement.

Termination of Employment

There is important information for employees whose employment is terminating.

Transfer from another NJ State Employer

Employees transferring from a NJ State employer will not have a lapse in medical, prescription, and dental benefits. Coverage with your previous State employer will end on the last day of the month in which you terminate. Employee’s coverage will begin under Montclair State University the first of the following month.

For questions regarding the type of changes allowed to be made for each type of qualifying life event please email