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New Employee Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions and Answers

Where do I get my University ID Card?
Every student, faculty, staff, contractor or affiliate on campus is required to have a University-issued photo identification card (ID Card). Visit the ID Card Office website for detailed information on how to get an ID Card. Helpful Tip: Contact the ID Card Office at 973-655-4147 to verify they have received your new employee information prior to going to the office.
Where should I park?
Employee parking varies depending on whether an employee is full-time or part-time. Please visit the Parking Services website for full details on parking, including lot information.
How do I register my vehicle?
All vehicles must be registered with Parking Services. Visit the parking portal to register your vehicle(s) and obtain a parking permit.  You must re-obtain your permit every year before August 31st.
At what time and where should I report on my first day?
You should check with your hiring manager and/or your department for proper time and location.
How do I report time and/or vacation?
Workday is our human capital management system.  Here you have access to your job information, compensation, benefits information and more.  Time entry and time off is also done in Workday.
Please check in with your department regarding vacation protocol.
What if I need help with Workday?
View Workday Resources
Call the Workday Customer Care at 973-655-5000.
When do I get my first paycheck?
Time entry is required for all civil service employees, temporary and student workers in Workday.  Please review instructions on the Workday Resources page before entering time or time off.
Employees are paid bi-weekly on Fridays. The payroll office publishes Payroll Schedules with pay dates for various types of employees.
Employees are encouraged to use Direct Deposit for paychecks.  If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will receive a pay card in the mail at the home address listed in Workday.
Log into to Workday to view and print a copy of your paystub, or access or change your personal payroll information.  You may contact Workday Customer Care at 973-655-5000 for any questions about Workday.
How do I get direct deposit and when does it start?
If you completed the direct deposit form when you completed your I-9, your first paycheck will happen by direct deposit.
If you did not set up direct deposit when you did your I-9.  Download and complete the Direct Deposit Form (PDF), and bring the form to the Human Resources office at Overlook along with a voided check or deposit slip.  For security reasons, please bring a photo ID.
Payroll inputs direct deposit requests daily and is effective immediately.  However, if the form is too close to a pay date, the change will occur during the next payroll cycle. If you are changing accounts or setting up additional accounts, your old information will be used.
If you do not turn in a direct deposit form, when your first paycheck with Montclair State University is issued, you will receive a pay card in the mail to the home address listed in Workday.
When am I eligible for benefits?
Benefits for full-time, non-faculty employees begin 60 days after the date of hire. Faculty should email Benefits Services or call 973-655-5293, for more information on effective dates.
How do I get an email account?
Email accounts are available to faculty and staff at Montclair State University. Your email account is automatically established and ready to use approximately four hours after you create your NetID.
Register Your NetID
Registering your NetID will create an email address in the form To log in to your email, visit Gmail and log in with your new email address and password.
For more information, please see Google Email and Google Applications (Faculty & Staff) on the Information Technology Division website.
Am I eligible for tuition waiver or reimbursement?
All full-time, permanent, classified employees of Montclair State University are eligible to apply for a tuition waiver. Please see Tuition Waivers for further instructions and to obtain the necessary forms.
Are my children eligible to use the waiver?
The tuition waiver is available for dependents of IFPTE-195 and AFT-1904 Union employees at this time. Managerial employees’ dependents are also eligible.
Am I a union employee?
Union participation depends how your position is categorized. Classified, Unclassified/Librarians and Faculty are union-eligible. Managerial employees are ineligible for union participation. If you have any questions regarding union participation or eligibility, contact Human Resources at 973-655-5293.
May I use the Montclair State Library?
The Library is available for use by all employees and eligible family members at no cost. A valid ID is required. The Harry A. Sprague Library is located centrally on campus in the same building as the Cafe Diem.
What if I have a change of address after I start work?
You can update your address anytime in the Workday system.  If you need help with updating, consult the Employee Self Service Guide section of Workday Resources.

Other Sources of Information

For any additional questions, you can contact Human Resources at 973-655-5293 and