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Paid Time Off

Montclair State University offers the following paid time off to salaried and hourly employees.

Employee Type Vacation Days Sick Days Personal Days
Salaried Employees (Unclassified)
i.e.: Managers and Professional Staff
22 days per year
*Note: Faculty do not receive vacation days
15 days per year N/A
Hourly Employees (Classified) 1-5 Years of Service: 12 days
6-12 Years of Service: 15 days
13-20 Years of Service: 20 days
20+ Years of Service: 25 days
15 days per year 3 days per year

Anyone who does not otherwise earn paid sick leave (i.e. adjuncts, temporary or per diem employees, student workers) is eligible to earn a maximum of 40 hours of paid sick leave per calendar year sick time, accrued at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked. For more information, see New Jersey Earned Sick Leave – Notice of Employee Rights.

Instruction for the application of the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave for University employees can be found here.

In addition, the University follows a holiday closing schedule as described in University Holidays.


Questions and Answers

I would like to leave the University. What time off balances are paid out upon termination?
Prorated vacation, compensatory time, and paid leave bank hours are paid upon termination. In addition, half of the sick hours remaining after proration will be paid out to qualifying retirees up to $15,000.
If you are in the PERS or PFRS pension plan, you must submit a SCOR form and Congratulations letter which should be provided by the State of New Jersey.  Without these documents, Montclair State University cannot process your request.
I sent my resignation letter and now my time off balances are wrong. What happened to my time?
Employees that terminate will have their time prorated for the months they will not be with the University. If an employee’s last day is June 30th and their time is based on the calendar year, payroll will prorate the balances for July 1st- December 31st. If perchance the employee is put into a negative status, the employee will be docked on their final paycheck for the negative hours.
When do I receive payment for my eligible time balances when I leave the university?
Unfortunately we cannot give an exact date, but the earliest you might receive payment is the Friday after your last pay check is paid. Sick payouts for retirees in the PERS pension plan will need to submit a SCOR form and their congratulations letter to payroll. Payroll will submit the forms to the state for approval. The timing of this process cannot be determined since the state must approve the request before payment can be issued. Retirees that are not in PERS will have their appropriate sick hours paid out with their vacation time.
Will I receive a check or direct deposit for my last pay check and/or my time balance payout?
Whatever method of payment you had set up in Workday at the time of termination will remain the primary method of payment.