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Payroll Services


The Workday Self-Service function is temporarily unavailable. Please send direct deposit forms to: studentdirectdeposit@montclair.edu or employeedirectdeposit@montclair.edu.


2024 Statutory Minimum Wage Increase for Hourly Employees
Effective January 1st, 2024, New Jersey increased the state’s minimum hourly wage rate for non-exempt employees from $14.13 per hour to $15.13 per hour. The University has adjusted its minimum hourly wage rate accordingly, and you will see those changes reflected in Workday. All non-exempt employees hired on or after January 1st, 2024 must earn at least the new minimum wage rate of $15.13 per hour.

The Office of Payroll Services manages and administers the programs, policies and procedures related to employee compensation, including payroll, timekeeping and employment verification.

Please email wccsupport@montclair.edu or contact Workday Customer Care at 973-655-5000 option 3, with any questions.