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COVID-19 Vaccine Education Webinar

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The Division of Human Resources and Atlantic Health are hosting a webinar for University employees.

Webinar Description

COVID-19 vaccinations help to significantly improve our chances of beating this very serious pandemic. Vaccination against COVID-19 helps to protect ourselves, our families, our students and co-workers. This presentation will help educate all individuals about these vaccines, especially those who have concerns, fears or questions. The benefits, safety and effectiveness of the vaccines will be explained in easy-to-understand terms, along with the rigorous FDA standards that make these vaccines safe for the general public. All information will be current and be derived from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Who Should Attend?

The webinar is open to all employees and specifically designed to provide information about the COVID-19 vaccines for employees who are not yet vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated. As a courtesy, employees and a guest may attend.

When and Where?

Thursday, September 2, 2021
12-1 p.m.
View the recording here


Dr. Carol Irving is the Director of Clinical Services and Executive Health for Atlantic Health System. Dr. Irving has been a Corporate and Occupational Health and Wellness physician for Atlantic Corporate Health for 17 years. Dr. Irving is a recognized leader in Corporate and Occupational Health Medicine, Health and Wellness, Executive Health, Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine and Travel Medicine for almost 30 years.

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